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  • Line 373 is:

    } elseif( $_GET[ 'action' ] == 'delete' ) {

    But should be:

    } elseif( isset( $_GET[ 'action' ] ) && $_GET[ 'action' ] == 'delete' ) {

    And in line 447 you have:

    $domains[] = array( 'domain' => $orig_url[ 'host' ], 'path' => $orig_url['path'], 'active' => 0 );

    Which could be rewritten as this to avoid Notices when path is empty (e.g, the site is hosted at root):

    $domains[] = array( 'domain' => $orig_url[ 'host' ], 'path' => isset($orig_url[ 'path' ])?$orig_url['path'] : '', 'active' => 0 );

    Also, in line 462 you have

    $url = "{$protocol}{$details[ 'domain' ]}{$deatils['path']}";

    Which can trigger a E_NOTICE as well, same as before, and I replaced with:

    $path = isset($details['path']) ? $details['path'] : "";
    $url = "{$protocol}{$details[ 'domain' ]}$path";

    I couldn’t find where to contribute code, the SVN tree seems to be read only, or am I failing to understand something?



    (Otherwise you get a notice when entering “Domain Mapping” from one of the Sites (as opposed to when you enter from Network Admin).

    Thanks and regards!

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  • Plugin Author Ron Rennick


    the SVN tree seems to be read only

    That’s correct. There isn’t any way for you to directly update plugin code in the repo unless you are owner of the plugin in question or if the owner of the plugin has given you update access.

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