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    Since a few weeks I am having a lot of problems with four different WordPress blogs at the same host. I have seen many posts in this forum, up to a year back, from people with similar problems, but no solutions are given.

    I have no plug-ins installed on these blogs, and no modifications. One is version 2.0 and the others are 2.0.2. My host says they haven’t changed anything and cannot find anything wrong.

    The problems are:

    1. The Dashboard takes a very long to load, and when it does it only displays the titles ‘Dashboard’ and ‘Last Activity’, but no other information. When I comment out the RSS lines in the index.php of the Dashboard the page loads okay.

    2. When I publish a post, or save an existing post, that has a link, the page will take ages to load (but the post appears on the site instantly) and eventually post.php comes back with a blank page, or alternatively I get a page not found. The update services field is empty.

    3. The most annoying problem is that sometimes when I publish a post the post appears TWICE on the blog, each with a unique ID. I notice that when I click Publish the first one is published right away, then the post.php takes a very long time to load and then when it gives a blank page, or page not found, the duplicate post appears on the site.

    My host cannot find anything out of the ordinary, but when they rebooted the Apache server a few times, every time the problems were resolved, but only for a couple of hours, then the problems return.

    Is there anyone here that can help me? Is there something that I can ask my host to check on the server? Could they have turned off RSS and pinging on the shared server that I’m on?


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  • These problems have now been resolved. It turned out that my host had upgraded to PHP 4.4.1 about a month ago when all the problems started. I found this out by running <?php phpinfo(); ?>

    They just upgraded to PHP 4.4.2 and all the problems are gone. :o)

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Thank you for posting back your solution – very good of you 🙂

    Actually, I spoke too soon. The problems are back again.

    As the problems seemed to have started with the updating of PHP, I have now asked my host if they may need to update something else as well, like mySQL or Apache.

    What else could this be? I still haven’t found an answer to my problems in this forum.

    try turning off pingback/trackback as well if the posting is taking that long.

    sounds like you might be just on a slow box otherwise if the dashboard always takes a while to load…



    it just might also be the case that someone else on your server is hugging ressources, e.g. with a chat script or regular cron job. Starts to sound like this with your last posts.

    Ask your host to check server loads and ressources consumptions whether someone is taking out a larger chunk than alotted.

    And if your host is unwilling – change hosts.

    I don’t think that’s it. When I comment out the RSS lines from the Dashboard index.php the page loads instantly. All pages on the sites are very fast.

    Pingback/trackback is already turned off.

    My host has been very helpful these last few weeks trying to sort this out. They have checked all these things, including server logs, but haven’t found anything wrong yet. It’s a very strange problem.

    My problems are now finally resolved. My host moved my account to a different server.

    The problems all started when PHP was updated on the old server. So somehow the combination of PHP version and the other software caused all these problems.

    While I don’t know what the problem is, exactly, I can point you to the commonalities between the issues you’re describing. They all involve places where the script itself is attempting to retrieve something from another website.

    RSS on the Dashboard = It’s doing an HTTP get to get the feed from wordpress’s site.
    Posting = pingback and trackbacks are occuring to any links in the post, as well as the pingomatic notification. All of these involve an HTTP get.

    My first guess at this would be something to do with the resolver and it’s configuration on the host. It sounds like it’s taking ages waiting for a nameserver to resolve something before being able to pingback or retrieve the rss for the dashboard.

    Glad to hear you got it all working again!

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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