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    Hi guys, we develop plugins and use postman SMTP a lot.

    We have considered developing a similar plugin ourselves in the past so we could have the features and tweak them as needed.

    We are now considering developing a forked version and continuing it with further development and support. We’re hoping to see if there is demand for this from existing users and any other feedback on this idea.



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  • Hey @davedunn, I’m interested. It’s a great plugin. I’m guessing you already know about the fix posted by @yehudah here, yes? Wondering if the two of you could collaborate, and maybe bring in the original author as well? Best regards, Bodhi

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    Hey @ and @bodhirayo.

    First @bodhirayo thanks for the mention.
    Just to clear my goal you can see here:

    The goal is to keep the maintenance free of charge.

    I would love to get help and more contributes to the project:

    @yehudah – I’ve written to Jason Hendriks as follows:

    Postman-SMTP recently removed from the WordPress Plugin Directory

    Hi Jason

    I hope it’s still OK to contact you this way regarding Postman-SMTP.

    I saw that Postman-SMTP was recently removed from the WordPress Plugin Directory –

    I see also that a fix has been posted at

    I was wondering if you have been contacted regarding this fix.

    Do you have plans to fix this issue & continue development of Postman-SMTP?

    I thought perhaps you might be willing to let others contribute to Postman-SMTP (perhaps via GitHub).

    Alternatively are you open to others taking over the plugin on

    It’s such a useful plugin & it’s ongoing removal from the WordPress Plugin Directory would be a big blow to it’s many users.

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    @davedunn – I’m sure there is significant demand for Postman-SMTP continuing in the WordPress Plugin Directory – 100,000+ active installs and 500+ downloads per day prior to removal.

    It would be great to see development continue on GitHub supported by users of Postman-SMTP.

    I also saw that @takayuki Miyoshi (the author of Contact Form 7) recently removed his recommendation for Postman-SMTP in the development version of Contact Form 7.

    Remove Postman SMTP from the recommended plugins list. Postman has been removed from plugin directory for some reason. It was a very good plugin by a responsible developer.

    Taka is a strong supporter of Postman-SMTP & I’m confident would welcome & support ongoing development.

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    I see that Jason Hendriks was also contacted previously by @diegocanal

    I spoke to Jason not long after he released Postman-SMTP & I’m sure he is very proud of the work he has done on Postman-SMTP. I expect he will be pleased with the support being shown here by Postman-SMTP users.

    Thanks everyone for joining the conversation, and thanks @buzztone for reaching out to connect with @jasonhendriks. Let me know if I can do anything to help the effort to reinstate this plugin into the WP plugin directory.
    With gratitude,


    Thanks for your efforts.

    As you mention other users including me tried to reach him with no luck.
    I invite the plugin users to use my fork for now:

    Hello @davedunn I would definitely be interested in your plugin version. I would actually prefer to pay for an annual subscription like what Mail Bank offers instead of a free plugin version. This way we do not have to worry about developers losing interest and the plugin falling by the wayside like what happened to Postman SMTP and other free mail plugins.

    @johnboy85 – I understand your preference for a paid annual subscription. It’s a view shared I believe by many WP users that make at least part of their living from WordPress.

    I remember distinctly worrying about the sustainability of Postman-STMP as I watched Jason Hendriks initially build & improve Postman-STMP for over 12 months. He made a massive number of commits over that initial period.

    While we are at this stage unaware of the circumstances that ultimately lead to Jason effectively abandoning maintenance of Postman-STMP, to a point where it was removed from the WordPress Plugin Directory for serious security vulnerabilities, we can hopefully use this as an opportunity to find a sustainable solution for ongoing maintenance of Postman-STMP.

    My personal preference would be to move to community based development on Github.

    @yehudah has already mentioned that he

    would love to get help and more contributes to the project at

    It would be great if Jason wished to continue development of Postman-SMTP on Github, with support from other developers, and I hope he gives this serious consideration.

    If this does not happen, then forking is still a good option.

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    Postman SMTP is removed and not maintained anymore.
    I will continue submit updates to my copy of the plugin under new name:

    Everybody is more then welcome to download.


    @yehudah great to see you moving quickly on this. Would be great to chat more about longer term plans for the plugin to ensure it is maintained. Whats the best way to connect?


    As I sayed before, the plugin will be FREE. I must say the users of the plugin are very technical and support each other. If in the future the plugin users will grow and the support will become harder I will consider my options.

    You are more then welcome to chat – Facebook ? Skype ?

    I agree the plugin should be free.

    But I also have suggestions to ensure it stays free and can be maintained, which involves addons that can be paid for.

    Taking over an open source plugin and selling it has never been the intention.

    Building upon it into something sustainable is what I wish to support, so that users can feel confident in the plugin being maintained because the developers have an income stream from it, even if the initial plugin is free.

    Let me know know if this avenue works for you and we can chat more.

    Feel free to add me on facebook @thedavedunn or skype

    @davedunn – I have also suggested a similar approach to @yehudah.

    In my opinion Jason created, with the best of intentions, a really popular but ultimately unsustainable plugin.

    It makes sense to think about the sustainability of Post SMTP now. I’d like to see community based development of Post-SMTP on Github. Including hooks so that others can add paid addons is a likely option.

    I don’t believe Jason had that kind of thinking when he originally developed the plugin, but if he had, the plugin could have been much more sustainable.

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    Hello everyone.

    I all ready answered my thoughts on this.
    There is no point discuss it again and again.

    Respect my request.

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