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  • Hi everybody, I am a total newbie at wordpress and have to undertake a major task. I run my own WP blog but at the most basic level, but agreed to help a friend finish a WP website that someone else had started for him, but I am clueless as to what do do first!

    The previous designer has forwarded to me a zip file with a WP folder and some FTP details. What do I have to do to start modifying his design?? I’ve been reading for hours about how to start using wordpress but feel clueless still. ANY help will be super appreciated, I really want to get stuck in so that I can develop my own blog further in the future.

    Thank you for your patience!!

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    It would probably be best to read this. WP is a great platform, you will need to look at the basics first to see what is required. Perhaps there is a complete theme in the zip file.However if not you will possibly need to start coding.

    Thanks for that super quick answer loughcorrib!

    I will read that through, I have check the folder in the zip file and it looks to me that the whole theme is indeed there, but I am confused, if the theme is all there why do I need the ftp details that he sent me?

    I’m also a bit confused about where I will be developing the theme. I assumed I’d need a hosting server, which I do have (with blue host) but if I develop it within my domain, will I be able to transfer it to my friend’s domain afterwards?

    Sorry if all this sounds like something totally obvious that I should already know :S and thanks again!

    Obviously the ftp details are ip username and password ??.If the whole theme and files are there then there is no development involved and you can ftp it and hand it over to user.

    @colorm — FTP is how you will transfer it to a server (whether yours or your friend’s). And yes, you CAN move it later, though it does take some work to do so. Here are some articles that may be helpful.

    Best thing to do is copy files download xampp to pc and use the copied files to make sure everything works. If all is ok then ftp original file to host Don’t use original files in xampp or you will have to change the url’s later which is a nuisance.

    Thanks for your replies guys! I managed to figure out that I needed to migrate the blog (not the same as moving it within the same host!), which involved the ftp process as you said, but very importantly and not mentioned in many tutorials, I had to download a copy of the SQL database from WordPress since I didn’t get it from the previous designer. Having that along with the wp-content made it quite “easy” to move the blog from one host to the other, although it does involve a lot of php My admin and SQL things that I had NEVER ever done, so it does take time and patience.

    For any other newbies out there, I followed this tutorial:

    Thanks again to @loughcorrib and @wpyogi for replying to my thread! I will post more for sure as now I have to edit the theme that designer created and I’m a newbie at that too.

    Cheers everyone!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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