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  • Hello forum.

    I’m trying to update some details but when I click on the EDIT, there is no content, or text. so how do I go on about to resolve this problem?

    Thank you

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  • Where are you trying to edit the content at? On your WordPress site? We need more info to help.


    Yes I’m trying to update it when I log in as admin. Im following the exact steps as this tutorial here if you dont mind seeing, its only 3 minutes.

    but this guy here can see his photos and text,and can edit them and update them, I on the other hand get a blank page…

    So you are saying that when you click on a post or page to edit, you can’t see anything in the editor? When did you first notice this? Is there content there to begin with? What theme are you using? Can you post a link to your site?

    Yes that is what is happening, I cannot view anything in the editor. I only noticed this recently, since Id like to update somethings on my website. I dont know what the web designer used. but heres a link to my website.

    Are these posts or pages that you can’t seem to edit?

    pages. Im clicking on the quick edit, and the edit also. and its blank.

    Your website is using a page template as its homepage. The ID of the page is 5. Go to your admin area, hover over the names of the pages and you’ll see the URL appear, probably down at the bottom. The URL will have post=5 somewhere in it.

    Edit that page, there’s your content. You may have to edit the template itself.

    @caramboo what tool are you using to show you what is the page id? I’m guessing that he is using a page template as well but I wanted to see if you know something I don’t.

    View the source. The body has a class of class=”home page page-id-5…”

    Good call. Missed that!

    @caramboo I just noticed the url as you have pointed out when I hover over the about down the bottom I see a url, and it has: post=6&action=edit

    Is this a common problem what Im facing? is it bad design strategy from the designer himself?

    No it’s not bad design. It’s common practice to use a static landing page by means of a page template and then have any blog elements of a site shown on a separate page. So it’s not a problem at all.

    If you visit Dashboard –> Settings –> Reading you should notice that your site is designed to use a static front page and this will be identified on that screen. It’s more than likely using a custom template which will be identified on the page’s edit screen. The template file itself will be in your current theme’s folder.

    guys you wont believe what a fool I am!!!! I click on the edit, and I do a ctrl+ A and it suddenly highlights all the text!!! the text seems to be white colour on white canvas, that’s why I wasn’t able to see anything. It just occurred to me my text is white in my website, so obviously its gonna be white within the wordpress canvas.. how foolish of me!!!…

    Thanks guys.

    Also I’m in the process of updating my website, I don’t like the look of it at all. I’m after a better responsive looking template. So if anyone’s interested please contact me, and give me an offer.

    Kind regards.

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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