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  1. Priory900
    Posted 2 years ago #

    I have a development site (www.bridlingtonpriory.co.uk/WP) and a live site Priory900.org
    We have updated some events in the development site, and want to move the updated information to the live site.
    I therefore backed-up the file wp_em_events on the development site, deleted the original contents of wp_em_events on the live site, and imported the revised events.
    Everything looks fine, except the new text in wp_em_events is not displayed. The original deleted information is still given.
    I experimented by editing event text in the live site, updated it, and confirmed that wp_em_events was updated for that event. In other cases, the text in wp_em_events still differs from what is displayed.

    1. Is my method of updating event information fundamentally sound? (copy event databases from development machine to live site)
    2. What is causing the discrepancy between what I see displayed, and what is in the database?

    David Butland

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