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  • I’m nearly finished writing my conversion script to WordPress, however, I have a question about inserting content into the database.

    Looking at posts.php inside wp-admin, I saw that the ‘post_content’ is put through this function:

    $content = apply_filters('content_save_pre', $_POST['content']);

    Well, I changed that to work with my conversion:

    $wp_posts_post_content =apply_filters('content_save_pre', $story["CONTENT_SEARCH"]);

    I then tried running my query, and got an error, something to do with the content. So I put in addslashes ():

    $wp_posts_post_content = addslashes (apply_filters('content_save_pre', $story["CONTENT_SEARCH"]));

    And the query went through fine.

    But I’m confused. How comes the wp-admin/posts.php file does not addslashes? It obviously isn’t done in the filter, and I can’t see it anywhere?

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  • skippy



    content_save_pre is a Plugin Hook, for plugins to have access to the post contents before it’s modified by other plugins and ultimately saved to the database.

    The file wp-includes/default-filters.php includes a single reference to content_save_pre:
    add_filter('content_save_pre', 'balanceTags', 50);

    I don’t think you want to use content_save_pre for your conversion script.

    I’m only using it because the actual Admin page uses it to insert it into the Database.

    So if that uses it for the form posted data, isn’t it a good idea to use it for the conversion to be sure all the WordPress stuff is done as if I was doing it all manually via the Admin.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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