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  • Hey Jsshuai,
    You can increase the width of any theme’s content area with css. If you link me I’ll tell you the css you need to apply.

    Hi jsshuai! Can you post the website’s address so that we can help you?

    my site address is

    on “news” page, i have two columns embeded in the page, but the widget on the left only require 35% of the space i guess, whereas the right widgets requires a larger space. I’m wondering what would be the code to adjust the widths!

    thanks in advance!


    here is the specific page i’m talking about:


    Do you want the widths changed only for that page? If so you can put .page-id-57 infront of the selectors like this.

    .page-id-57 #primary{
    .page-id-57 #secondary{

    You can change the widths to whatever you want. If you have anymore questions, feel free to ask.

    – Wolfy and Brain (╯◕.◕)╯

    sorry, i wasn’t clear. let me rephrase my questions:

    i meant to have the content area divided into 35% and 65%.

    This code seems to divide the content and the side bar into 50% and 50%.

    Can we modify the code to divide only the content area and not the side bar? Thanks!

    No problem, is this what you were looking for? div#content div.entry-content div table tbody tr td:nth-child(1){width:35% !important;} div#content div.entry-content div table tbody tr td:nth-child(4){width:65% !important;}

    When I changed the value of the map area to 35% it cut off a bit, but if you add this it should fit.

        width:214px !important;

    Let me know if it works or if you have any other questions. I love feedback.

    i put in the code, it seem to work in terms of dividing the areas to the desired width. i used: div#content div.entry-content div table tbody tr td:nth-child(1){width:38% !important;} div#content div.entry-content div table tbody tr td:nth-child(4){width:62% !important;}

    however, if you pls look at this website, it still does not look the same:

    where you see the two widgets on the top is perfectly aligned, and that the bottom, there is a shadow. would it be possible to do this?

    thanks alot!

    I don’t know understand what you are trying to achieve.

    one more question, if i want to modify the html file, is it possible to do this on wordpress’s editor page?

    Theme Author NodeCode


    Yes, but with a theme update, the changes would be lost. Therefore, you should create a child theme.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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