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  • I am totally new to this thing 🙂

    I got a template and it has one content side and on the right side a place for the search, archive ++…
    Now, i have managed to remove that on the page I need to fix, but how do I make the content part to fill the page in width?
    It s now on 600px, I need it to be 800px…


    thanks 🙂

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  • there is a setting in your stylesheet that needs to be changed.
    /wp-content/themes/{my theme name}/style.css

    or, you can change it in the online editor in WP, under Appearances, Editor

    look for settings of 600px and change them, one by one, to 800px until you find the correct one. in many (but not all) themes the correct one will be named #content

    in general, i manage to change this setting for all pages in the CSS style sheet.

    What I want is the front page to show at 600PX with the sidebar on the other 200PX, but the other pages to show 800PX in content, and to remove the sidebar.

    Does that make any sense?


    It is totally due to the stylecsheet of the theme or not properly designed theme. Hence, have a check with other or default theme.


    Shane G.

    If you can post a URL of a page that has the content area at 600px and no sidebar, someone can tell you the exact CSS you need to make the content 800px wide

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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