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    I installed the Getwid Blocks plugin. Using the Content Timeline block, I can’t add an item (click on the +) once the block is inserted.

    I have no JavaScript errors displayed in the console.

    For info, I use Gutenberg natively + Getwid blocks only for Gutenberg.

    Do you have this problem or a way to solve it ?

    Thank you in advance for your help,

    François Thibaud

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    Hi Francois Thibaud @francoist,
    I could not replicate the issue you have described. It works correctly locally. Probably the conflict is caused by a third-party plugin or your active theme. Could you try disabling plugins one by one to see if the issue is fixed?


    I love the Content Timeline block, it is great!

    Right now, each time I add this block, wordpress fail and I have to reload the page.
    This also happen when I try to access an existing Content Timeline block.

    Could it be a regression with the latest version of WordPress, or an incompatibility with an other plugin?

    Does anyone is experiencing the same problem?



    Plugin Support arsengunner


    Hello, @remig! Unfortunately, I was unable to replicate the issue on my end, I was able to both add new and edit existing Content Timeline block using latest WordPress version without any issues. There may be a conflict with your active theme or other plugins you are using, try temporary switching to default WordPress theme, e.g. Twenty Twenty-One or/and deactivating additional plugins you have got.


    Plugin Support dimned


    Hi @francoist and @remig, We have released an update for Getwid where we have improved the Content Timeline block compatibility with third-party plugins. Perhaps this will solve the issue you have faced. Could you try to update the plugin and test the TimeLine block again?

    Hi @dimned, thank you for your message. It actually solved the problem and I can now use it again. It is a great news as I find this block pretty unique in its design and functionality. Thanks again! 🙂

    Plugin Support dimned


    Hi @remig,
    We are happy to know the update fixed the issue with the TimeLine block on your site. It would be extremely helpful for us if you review the Getwid plugin here https://wordpress.org/support/plugin/getwid/reviews/

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