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    QUESTION 1: We are building a crowd-facing system where each registered user needs to be able to assign admins and editors for only THEIR submitted posts (not all posts on the site).

    MyGroupX.editors= ed, mike, sally, pete
    MyGroupX.admins= ed, sally
    MyGroupZ.editors= pete

    All users would belong to “general (site-wide) groups” for site-wide capabilities, but
    each would have at least one of these privately configurable groups for assigning roles with respect to ONLY THE DATA which that group controls.

    We have programmers and can do custom coding. The question is, do you think such a solution is possible with PGrid at all, and if so, what specific features should be be examining first?

    QUESTION 2: the approach above is already a compromise based on what we currently feel any plugin is likely to achieve with wordpress. But ideally, we wanted a user to allow specific users to assign specific roles for SPECIFIC posts (whether part of a group or not). Back in the day, I believe this was called an ACL (accesss control list).

    For example:
    Post1.editors= ed, mike, sally, pete, (and/or groupX?
    Post1.admins= ed, sally

    If this is possible, please disregard question 1 and jump right to this one (2).

    We are really desperate for a solution here. Thanks in advance.

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    It seemed to me that if each Profile Grid group currently has a “Manager” and a “Moderator” and we might be able to modify things so we also had “Editors” as well.

    This is not ideal, because we really want to be able to have roles for any piece of content or collections, but it would be a reasonable compromise.

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    Hello @shoqvalue,

    Thank you for writing to us.

    Currently, ProfileGrid support the content access based on groups, not based on the specific user roles. Each Group is associated with a user role so you can restrict the content based on that.

    ProfileGrid support Group Manager as administrator of a group, and Group Manager can manage the groups from front end, there is no concept of editor role.

    Let us know if you have any other questions.

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