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  • I’ve noticed this issue with a few sites I’ve worked on (not all but some) and I’m curious to know how to fix this. I’ve noticed that on some sites when I edit pages, the spacing and formatting gets messed up when I switch between visual editing mode and code view.

    I have a client who makes small, routine changes to his site’s content and every time he changes something, the spaces between the paragraphs disappear and then I have to go and manually fix them. It’s not a super big problem but it’s definitely annoying. I want the client to be able to make changes without me having to correct spacing issues every time he edits some text.

    Again, I’ve noticed that not all WordPress sites do this so I’m wondering if there’s a setting I can change to address this issue?

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    Normally such issues come, when you are in the the code view, and you don’t close a tag so WordPress automatically tries to close and wrap the content in a p tag.

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