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  • Hi, I’m meeting with local companies to get them to advertise on my local community blog.

    I want to offer them ad placement in posts based on whether the post mentions their brand in a positive or negative manner.

    The way to do this could be an ad management plugin with a script that searches the post for keywords.

    For example, if the post consist of the words Big Mac AND bad service the system withdraws the McDonalds ad and serves the Burger king one.

    Anyone know, or heard of such a plugin or even just the idea?

    EDIT: If anyone making this kind of plugin I volonteer for testing. I’m just starting a hyperlocal site where advertisers are very sensitive when it comes to people madmouthing them online (also the opposite applies, which is good).

    Cheers/ Jocke

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  • Wow. That would be VERY cool…. um. Never run across anything like that, I guess you could maybe talk to google? I’m not necessarily joking there – but you’d want to be sure YOU got credit/payment for the idea….

    I’ve been googling, for sure:) Well, it’s not a revolutionary idea really. I think there are bigger systems that does this, only not for wordpress (i think).

    I’ve never heard of an advertising system that looked at the content to filter OUT advertisers. that’s rather difficult. how do you know “bad service” referred to mcdonalds, and not friendlys or something also mentioned in the article? you don’t without really complex language parsing, and I don’t know of anyone doing that (wouldn’t shock me if someone WAS, I just haven’t heard of it).

    If you are writing the blog entries, you COULD tag them with custom fields to prevent certain ads from coming up… but that’s user-driven.


    I agree that a perfectly working solution is difficult to achieve. But even a blunt tool should raise some serious interest among advertisers. And with close monitoring you can prevent fouls ups and learn, and adjust the tool.

    I would really like such a tool.

    you could use phpAdsNew (or whatever it renamed itself to… OpenAds or something like that), and set up exclusionary ‘tags’ in custom fields of each post, and have your ad-display code in your custom theme grab those fields, and pass them to OpenAds for exclusion. Something like that should work, already very possible.

    Anything beyond that, into machine-automated realm, isn’t very realistic in the next decade I’d guess… 😉


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