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  • Hi to all,
    i love WP and I am using Version 1,5 latest. On editing sites and new articles, it needs allways more than 2 minutes to save changes and switch back to frontend site. The Blog is working on my own very quick server- means open site and login or other changes are working very fast. But save’s need real boring time. Is there any other report or bug fix? I searched already forum but didn’t find.


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  • Do you have a lot of links in the posts? There’s been quite a bit of discussion lately regarding pingomatic and posts.

    I have seen the same thing on all of my installations of 1.5. If I open another browser and check, the new entry is visible, but the admin takes upwards to 2 minutes to “process” the new entry.

    Typically I only have one or two links on my entries.

    There are other things which may cause slow posting/editing including, but not limited to, certain plugins. There are quite a few long threads with many individual solutions posted (as in worked for one, but not for others). I’d suggest you do a thorough searching and try them each out.

    Here is a start:

    “Just so future searches coming here have some place to go. Let’s close this thread now ;-)”

    Thank you very much, both threads are very helpfull and an extract of them -> to FAQ’s, maybe a good way to answer future questions of other user, belonging to this theme 🙂
    Staying tuned in WP

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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