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  • Excellent plugin — it really should be worked into the WordPress core, say I.

    However, when it comes to restricting access to a certain post/page/custom_post_type, it would be a delight to not only grant permission to specific roles, but also individual users, regardless of which role they are a member of.

    The work around is currently to create a unique role for each user, but it would be oh so more elegant if there was the ability to connect/restrict posts-to-users, simular to how scribu‘s excellent posts-to-posts plugin handles this type of many to many relationship.

    Any thoughts?

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  • Update: Not sure how this will go over, but someone went ahead and made modifications to Justin’s Members Plugin that allows specific users to be granted permission, regardless of role.

    For now, the pimped plugin can be downloaded here, get it while it’s hot. In the likely event that the original plugin is updated to include this feature, an following update will be duly posted.


    Plugin Author Justin Tadlock


    WordPress God

    My reply for anyone following along here:

    It looks like a cool feature. However, I encourage you to make it into a self-contained plugin that simply extends Members. You could even throw it up on the WordPress plugin repository. That way, other people can use it and stay regularly updated with Members without having to wait for an update from two different sources.

    As for this being a part of Members in the future, it’s not likely. It’s not because this isn’t a good feature. It is. But, displaying all users on the post editing screen is extremely problematic for sites with large numbers of users. For example, I have two sites with 30,000+ users. If I ever developed such a feature, it’d be in a separate plugin. Since you already have the code for this, I’ll leave it up to you. I’ll be more than happy to add in any extra hooks you might need.

    @justin Tadlock: Full agreement on the not-so-scalability of listing out all users–this is why we are leaning more towards the way posts-to-posts handels connecting elements. A jQuery text autocomplete list of related items, in this case users. No doubt we will have to revisit once the user list starts to grow. And when this happens, we will most certainly create an simple extension to your wonderful plugin and throw it up on the WordPress plugin repository.

    We’ll get back to you once we know what hooks–if any–will be needed to make that happen.

    Thanks again for the great plugin, and for being so very open source about your work.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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