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    Thomas, It looks like you have changed something in the last 19mins.
    When I visited the link you provided, there was a collapse element at the bottom of your content, and the target content was hidden as you wanted. Clicking on open, expanded the content below.

    Are you still having an issue, or did you get this resolved on your own? Fear not, we are very novice friendly.

    Hi there, Thanks for the reply, I have put it back to how it was, just having a fiddle, ok well sometimes when I go to that page it is already open and I cant figure out why but i would also like it to say at the bottom “close Article” or something like that but cant figure it out?



    If you navigate to the home page, then click on the Educating Afghanistan story you will see it is open already and the arows are the wrong way up?

    I am using the short codes if that helps

    Plugin Author Baden


    for ‘close Article’ simply use the swaptitle attribute like so:
    swaptitle="close Article"

    As for the content sometimes showing, the only way this might happen is if your page is taking awhile to load… as once the content is loaded, then jQuery will hide it. This is for SEO, so that search engines (that do not use javascript) will still see the content that is collapsed.

    Every time we visit your page, the content is showing collapsed as it is supposed to.

    Hi there…

    Sorry but I cant get your plug in to work. Everybody tells me that when they go to my site then click on an article on my home page, when it opens it always comes up with all the text showing and the read this article at the bottom with the arrow facing down wards.

    This is what I have

    [expand title=”PLEASE READ FULL ARTICLE” trigpos=”below” swaptitle=”CLOSE ARTICLE”]and then my content[/expand]

    Where am I going wrong?

    Cheers Thomas

    Plugin Author Baden


    Hello Thomas. If everyone is telling you this, why not share the link so we can see what exactly the problem seems to be. If it is: it seems to be working correctly on our end. We have tested it with Firefox, Chrome and Safari. Is Everyone using some other browser? Can you duplicate the problem on your end?

    Yes all i have to do is go to click on one of the stories and it is the same for me all the writing is showing and the please read full article is showing at the bottom ?

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    Is there a difference when you NAVIGATE to the article, as opposed to open the article in a new tab, or load up the article direct? For example, visit your home page and then click on Brick kilns Of Bangladesh. The content is expanded correct? Now click on the link directly: and the content is collapsed, correct?

    If so, then your theme is loading in the content dynamically using some kind of AJAX call. If your theme offers an easy way to hook into the callback, then you would have it fire the function collapse_init(); You will have to ask your theme author about that:

    As a work around, try assigning the targclass attribute the value of maptastic by adding it to your expand shortcode like so:

    [expand title="bla bla bla" targclass="maptastic" ...

    Well i can only tell you what is happening i cant write code or mend it and to now have to have some long elongated chat with the people who made the theme will just be a night mare. I cant get it to work but thanks for the help.

    Plugin Author Baden


    sorry you can not get the plugin to work with your theme. good luck.

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