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    I can’t see the content of the pages I have added. Is this a know bug? I’ve tried it also on a clean WordPress install with BuddyPress, and it’s still not working.

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  • Plugin Author Slava Abakumov


    No, it’s not a known bug.
    Please provide content that you want to display.

    Anything I try to display. For example just some plain text.


    It’s completely empty



    +1 On this issue. First time install with

    • WordPress 4.7.1
    • BuddyPress 2.7.4
    • BuddyPress Groups Extra Version
    • plus various other plugins

    I installed the plugin. Went into its settings and added two group pages under an “Information” group-tab. Rich Editor is enabled for both pages and fields.

    The two group pages are listed under the Groups ‘Pages’ tab sub menu.

    For both pages, the content saved in the pages content area is not displayed, and the “Edit” link for the page is shown at top right corner.
    Clicking on the Edit link I see the admin edit form and the content is saved in there correctly.

    Here is the html output:

    <div role="navigation" id="subnav" class="item-list-tabs no-ajax">
                    <a href="/groups/mygroupname/gpages/group-info">Group Info</a>
                </li><li class="current">
                    <a href="/groups/mygroupname/gpages/group-news">Group News</a>
                </li>	</ul>
    <div class="gpage">
    	<div id="em-wrapper"></div>
    	<div class="edit_link">
                    <a target="_blank" title="Edit link for group admins only" href="/groups/mygroupname/admin/extras/pages-manage/?edit=40408">[Edit]</a>
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    +1 On this issue.
    First time install with newly setup website with Events Manager.

    Plugin Name: Events Manager

    If this helps, I tracked it so far down to a callback in em-events.php line 123:

    return apply_filters(’em_content’, ‘<div id=”em-wrapper”>’.$content.'</div>’);

    Seems to take over all of the content for BuddyPress Extras at that point resulting in a blank extras page unless I comment out that one line of code. However, commenting out that line of code may have other consequences for the events plugin but does enable me to further test out your plugin which seems like just what we need.



    In my case it looks like a conflict caused by the “Events Manager” plugin. Currently using Events Manager version It’s function em_content($page_content) is generating the <div id="em-wrapper"></div>, which is meant to be wrapping the page content if its an event. It’s taking in the page content and stripping it. I’ll post on Events Manager plugin support forum instead.

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    @dirkhaworth just seen your post after posting – Snap! Thanks for confirmation!

    -@Turtleline No worries. Likewise, thanks for the confirmation as well and for logging in the other plugin support forum as well.



    Plugin Author Slava Abakumov


    In the thread linked above Events Manager plugin author confirmed the issue and the fix will be pushed in that plugin next update.

    Thank you, @dirkhaworth, @turtleline, @netweblogic!



    NetWebLogic Support

    @slaffik, no problem!

    one thing that might be helpful for yourself… the reason it’s happening is because the_content filter is running without a $post containing a valid ID.

    I’m not sure if that’s a good idea, whilst in our case it’s easily avoidable it may prove to cause other issues with plugins messing with the_content too.

    Plugin Author Slava Abakumov


    Yeah, valuable point. Thanks!

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