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  • I have successfully set up a self hosted, but when importing my xml file from the site, the posts, layout and menu are not carrying over. Any advice?

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  • An export/import only includes actual content. It won’t include anything that was related to your previous theme, it’s widgets or any custom menus that you may have created on your site.

    Ok no problem thank you – the issue is in that case that no posts are even carrying over!

    Are you seeing any error messages? Any messages at all? How large is the exported .xml file.

    the xml is 2.2MB – i am receiving no error messages, but the load bar does seem to freeze forever after pressing the ‘import’ button. (I also check the box that says “download all files”

    Ah – you might be exceeding your server’s max_upload_size limit with 2.2M. First make a copy of the export file for safekeeping then have a look at

    It’s a utility to split large export files down into smaller chunks. You might have more success carrying out a number of smaller imports rather than 1 large import.

    Thats strange because on the upload page it says max 7MB – but i’ll give this a go anyway – thanks.

    Should I delete everything from the blog before I split the file – if so – how would I do that?

    What’s in the blog already? I thought the export failed 100%?

    no – it imported the media, the categories, the menus are there in the back end although not structured, there are no posts or pages!

    Ah! The quickest way to empty the site would be to drop all tables from the database using something like Phpmyadmin and run the install again. Failing that, you’d need to manually delete all of the exiting content before trying the import again.

    Hey – its started working! I used chrome instead of safari and it seems to have done the trick! Thank you thank you!

    Excellent! 🙂

    Thank you again for your assistance – some valuable tips and tools still gained! Thanks

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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