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  • hello guys
    Can please someone can help me find a way to creat post on 2 websites at the same time please, i have a backup need to keep it updated with the main website if we need to use any time…

    Thank you

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  • The only thing I can think of which I have used before is a plugin called Syndicate Out which still works as far as I know. You’ll need to make sure XML RPC is working on your receiving site and the site needs to be internet reachable.

    A manual option would be to use the export function on the donor site Dashboard –> Tools –> Export and choose posts. Then Dashboard –> Tools –> Import on the recipient site.

    WordPress should be able to sort the import out without any duplicates but there are duplicate post checker plugins if you need one.

    There are probably other syndication plugins if the one I recommend scares you or doesn’t work anymore. It is three years past the last update from what I see.

    Two more options here I’d like to point out…

    You can create posts on the ‘offline’ or non-public site then syndicate or Export them to the other site. Adds some real leisure and privacy to your posting schedule.

    And it is possible to create on your ‘backup’ site then use RSS to update automatically once the edited post is published. This gets trickier though. Quite a few settings and adjustments on both ends and requires a fairly generic template on the donor end for best results.

    And I can’t stress enough to not rely on anything other than a very good backup regimen with offsite storage when things go wrong… and they will at the wrong time and when your back is turned. Equipment fails!

    I use upDraftPlus myself for backups and have a nice collection of thumb drives here. Never depend on your host to maintain backups though those may be a real blessing if you need them. Hosts disappear, lose things, and lose interest in you at the worst times.

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    Thank you @jnashhawkins, I tried 2 plugins, are not working, i done all the setup but seems are not updated long times ago, i have updraft plus i used it, i don’t know if the backup will save 100% if we got any problem, really never tried, i am using All on One migration with extended plugin but that must be manually, i need some your experience if the updraft is secured backup if you tried before.

    Thanks :))

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    This comment by @joelpeterson, look even they did not provide support or answers
    “This plugin is exactly what we need but for the life of me, I can’t get it to ever post to our other blog.

    When I create a group (just one site in it) I set it for Syndicate Selected Post / No Categories and Transmit featured image.

    When I save it I get a Status of Authentication OK / Remote API: WordPress 4.9.8

    When I go to my post I see in the sidebar the name of this group and I click the box, save the post, publish the post…tried lots of things but nothing is ever sent over.

    Before I start looking at logs and deep dive into troubleshooting I’m just curious if it still works

    And on that note…..we would be interested in helping with development if that’s an option.”

    That’s the problem with backups… you don’t really know if they are good until you need them. There are ways to hedge your bets though. Saving a backup offline on your own box or a thumb drive and multiple automatic backups.

    FTP copies of absolutely everything including the backups are a good idea… especially if the backup you FTP’d to your own PC has a copy of your database in it. And you didn’t clobber it by downloading in ascii mode (use binary mode).

    As far as Syndicate Out goes I’m pretty sure it still works. You’ll need XMLRPC still working on the recipient host. Some security plugins will kill XMLRPC.

    Do learn that import/export concept found in your tools menu under dashboard. That thing can be worth its weight in gold when you need it and it is very dependable. Should your output files become too large there are ways to reduce their size and there are programs that can ‘shard’ XML files into smaller chunks if you need them.

    I use that RSS alternative a bunch here but that’s very intensive to get everything working exactly right. And like I said, ‘You’ll probably need a generic theme to make that work best’. I use Feed WordPress from RadGeek and the Twenty Seventeen theme on the donor side but that can be a monster to set up. Ain’t easy.

    The RSS feed only works on the posts! I may have not made that clear before.

    That migrator tool is good, too. Sorry about the manual efforts but that’s why I did all this work over here to automate the whole mess. Worth all the time and effort once it all started working.

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    Thank you @jnashhawkins for all the information, will test things and will see, i am using iTheme security Pro, my be that is why?


    Possibly but I run WordFence and iThemes Security together and my XMLRPC works fine. I think one of those asked during setup but I can’t really remember now.

    You’ll need that for Jetpack too from what I’ve read so if JetPack works then XMLRPC should work.


    Sounds like your XMLRPC is working then…

    You mentioned ‘groups’. That makes me think you’re running BuddyPress or something and that may not post without some further work. I’d be interested in that if it did myself.

    You got me thinking about a bunch of BuddyPress boxen talking to each other and sharing group posts and content now. Sort of like the Diaspora project. Boxes of local hosts running BuddyPress sitting under desks and out on the cloud… and talking to each other.

    Do some further research if you want and maybe talk with someone over at core-BuddyPress with this idea. Slack or IRC might get you a couple contacts there.

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