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  • Everytime I write a new post the content of the first paragraph squishes up, then grabs the header of my next paragraph and squishes it up, too. The format of this sector seems to be thrown out the window, the spacing is different, there is are no indentions, etc. This can be seen in this post here After my first bold header, the content returns to normal.

    I don’t have any clue what causes this problem, it’s been following me through three different themes, and I haven’t edited any wordpress files. Any help?

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  • Your very first paragraph is not in paragraph tags there. Plus it’s followed by an empty blockquote.

    Edit your post and remove that blockquote tag from it. Might need to use the Code mode of the editor, or to turn off the visual editor entirely.

    What are paragraph tags? What I normally do is insert a blockqoute after the first paragraph, which releases my bolded header for normal formatting, but that doesn’t seem to work with this new theme.

    There is no <p> in the beginning of your first paragraph. Try to insert that…

    Looks like that worked perfectly! Thank you. But is there anyway to edit the code to where I won’t have to add the <P> everytime I write a post? For some reason that first paragraph does that with EVERY post, has been for a while I just never cared to address it until now.

    WordPress should insert P’s for you automatically. I think it’s that empty blockquote that is throwing it off.

    I know wordpress SHOULD insert the P, but it doesn’t ever on the first paragraph. Anything after the first paragraph/second paragraph header mash up is always fine. BUt on standard the P is never there, UNLESS i enter the empty blockqoute. I removed that blockqoute for you and manually added the P, and on every post after I have to manually add the P, or add an empty blockqoute to make it seperate the second paragraph header from the first paragraph.

    The point is; it should, but it doesn’t. How can I fix it?

    Also I’ve noticed that creating a new post and inserting the <P> tag or editing other posts seems to remove the <P> tag from the first paragraph of OTHER posts. My wordpress is SERIOUSLY broken. help?

    Which version are you using ??

    The newest, latest, most up-to-date that fantastico has to offer. 2.3.3. Though this isn’t a version issue as it’s been plaguing me since version 2.3.1 and 2.3.2

    What happens if u hit ALT+v and select paragraph in the format selecter??.

    What is a format selector?

    The select form where you can select Paragraph, H1, H2…etc, when you write your posts.

    I write my posts.. but I never seen a form that let’s me select those options?? When I press alt+v the toolbar option on my browser pops up.

    You are using the visual editor right ?? look like this:


    Yeah. Also I’ve noticed that if I insert the <P> tag, it has to be the last thing I do, and immediately press save afterwards, if i switch back to visual and attempt to continue editing, it loses it’s formatting!

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 23 total)
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