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    I have 2 plugins that insert content right below my post, inside the “entry-content” div: “Related posts” and “I Recommend This”.
    They appear in the print version, although I’m not sure I want them to.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Plugin Author Michael Nelson


    Hmmm yes I see. What plugins are they? Ideally those plugins should include some CSS to hide their content when being printed. (When using this plugin or being printed when visiting that single page.)
    Eg something like

    @media print {
    Plugin Author Michael Nelson


    I suspect this situation might come up with some frequency. Although yes, it’s best for the plugin developer to have their stuff intended for the web to be hidden during printing, the reality is that many won’t (print is an afterthought, which is normally ok.)

    So I’m thinking it might be nice to facilitate having the user specify elements to hide. One possible way would be to give you a text area where you could put all the CSS selectors for elements to hide (in your case, it would probably be .yuzo_related_post and .dot-irecommendthis). But in order for folks to use that properly, they’d need to know a little bit about CSS selectors. So it wouldn’t be terribly user friendly. Thoughts?

    I agree that plugin developers should include some CSS to hide their content when being printed, and I agree with you that many won’t because print is an afterthought.

    I think your suggestion is way over the head of users who aren’t developers, and even those who are, son’t want to have to start inspecting the post in Dev tools just to compile that list.

    How about if giving a checkbox list of plugins hooking into the the_content filter and letting users decide which ones they want to remove from print?
    There’s this SO question that goes in that direction, by getting all the registered functions for ‘the_content’ filter. And this WPSE question on the same topic.
    I know it’s probably a lot of work for you. What do you say, do you think that would be good, and that it would work?

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    Plugin Author Michael Nelson


    Hmm thanks for the feedback and suggestion, Lea.

    Yes we could see what functions are hooked onto the_content (although determining which plugin that hook belongs to will be a little trickier), and then give the manager the option to disable them. It may also be a little tricky doing that during REST API requests, but doable.

    The main challenges are: it will be a little tricky to implement, and it won’t work when using Print My Blog to print a different blog. Currently, you can also use this plugin, in combination with another one I’ve created to print a different WordPress site (eg you can use this to print any WordPress blog, even ones who don’t have this plugin installed). It probably won’t be possible for that service to provide all the same features, but it’s nice to try.

    I think if we hear more reports of needing to be able to modify filters of the_content on the print page, I may implement your suggestion.

    In the meantime, I’ve just added a CSS file where I can put CSS to address all the known troublemaking plugins (eg, in your case, Yuzo Related Posts and I Recommend This). So you should find that those related posts and recommend button don’t appear on the print page after you update.

    I understand all of the challenges you’re stating, and I agree that waiting for more reports is a good idea. Even with many reports, could be that your solution of targeting common plugins makes more sense.
    Thank you!

    Plugin Author Michael Nelson


    We’ll see. My solution was more of a quick fix, which might not be sustainable if this plugin becomes as widely used as I hope.
    Anyways, I hope your printed blog is looking pretty good now. (I know this plugin still has plenty of room to improve though, when I can make the time.)
    If you have a chance @leac, could you leave a review at ? That would be helpful, thanks!

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