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  • i was wondering… would it be possible to administer a multi-language blog with WP?
    e.g. 3 languages from which the visitor can pick one and all pages will then be displayed in that language using just one WP install?
    in the admin section I would love to have a drop down list where to choose the language of a new entry. once I create a blog entry – say in english – that language flag for that entry is set to true. as long as the other language flags for this entry are false the admin can decide whether to publish this entry or not. some might want to put it on hold until the entry is available in all languages the site is offered in, i.e. a publishing queue of sorts.
    Does such functionality exist already?

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  • Hmmm, categories seem to fit the requirements.
    Add the langage categories.
    When you write an entry, file in the approriate category.

    I don’t think that’s what he wants to do. You can always use Babel to translate your content. Babel even has a translate box for your site that you can use for free. While the translator isn’t perfect it does get across the point.

    babel is certainly an alternative if you need a page translated.
    however, i’d need a very precise way to offer content in 3 languages accurately. the “categories” could possibly abused for this but would still only be a work around, no?

    ACK. I would like it the way it was done on the EU website until some time ago: On a page with multiple language versions (up to 20 or something …) they showed circles with the ISO language code in it, on which you could click.
    I would like to be able to set a default language (or an ordered list) in my preferences, if none of the user’s Content-Negotiation languages is matching, and use those if available and matching.
    Why I’d like this feature: I’m currently learning Italian and I’d like to translate some weblog entries to Italian for practice. And no, categories cannot replace language management. Especially, <rel /> links to other language versions and appropriate meta data have to be created.

    Maybe this “thing” helps…

    Have a look at my site. it’s not totally bilingual, since much of the content has only one version. But yes, you can change languages. I’ll have to do a writeup one day what exactly I did…
    The biggest problem, though, are several versions for post titles. I’m trying to figure out how to hack the language-picker plugin to make it possible.
    is a multilingual blog. She (Stephanie) had written a couple of posts in these forums and on her blog as to how she did it. Might help you to search for those posts…

    I think the issue of having a “multilingual” blog is at least twofold. (Actually it’s more complicated, but for the sake of simplicity, let’s stick to 2 🙂
    As the blogger (owner) with WP anyone can post in multiple languages – i.e. having different posts in any language they are able to use. For that you don’t even have to do anything special, just switch your keyboard.
    Now, you can make this process more handy and fancy in the way described on Stephanie’s blog:
    Actually that solution does not offer (yet) any possibility to the surfer (visitor) to chose posts only in his langauge for viewing, and does not change the interface (front end, “page furniture” in Stephanie’s terms) of the site.
    The language picker which I linked above and is also used on serendipity’s blog makes possible for the visitor to pick the language: in this way the langauge of the interface (menus etc.) will change. What is more important it will display only the posts in the selected language, which was exactly the request in the posts above.
    The ideal solution probably would be getting the best from both approaches 🙂

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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