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  1. waveminded
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    Ok, I'm beating myself up over this and can't find a solution anywhere. This is the situation...

    I have a website, 4 main menu options at the top of the page (I'll call this the main menu). Below the main menu will be 3 columns. The left for a dynamically generated sub-menu bar or categories, the center column for content generated upon clicking on the sub-men bar. And a right column for banner ads.

    Upon clicking the main menu option 1, categories should appear in the left-sub-menu. Upon clicking a submenu category, content should be generated in the center column (articles, posts).

    I have to do the same thing for main menu option 2, except it has another 'different' set of sub-menu options. I do not want a footer or header also. Can wordpress do this, or should I look else where??? Thanks


    webpage 1-----------------------

    Main menu 1 Main Menu 2 Main Menu 3 Main Menu 4

    ->sub menu 1-1 (content generated here)
    ->sub menu 1-2
    ->sub menu 1-3

    webpage 2-------------------------------------

    Main menu 1 Main Menu 2 Main Menu 3 Main Menu 4

    ->sub menu 2-1 (content generated here)
    ->sub menu 2-2
    ->sub menu 2-3

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