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  1. TypingMaster
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    I came accross this site that seems to have much of your content and wanted to let you know. You need a password to access their site, but if you do an allinurl in google, you should see more information.

    I included a link below that will show you a jump page they have for you. Look at the last results link and cache.

    Type this in for a url:

    I'm not sure who plexoft.com is or if they are related, but perhaps you'll want to look at their duplicate content.

    There are a lot of problems with hijacking on the internet these days.

    Just a heads up.

    Great site by the way!

  2. I'm willing to be that there are far more sites with that content hidden somewhere. Fortunately, all of it is gone from WordPress.org

    More info: http://photomatt.net/2005/04/01/a-response/

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