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  • I’m trying to load a very large live site into a local WP environment. I’ve gotten it to where the live site’s themes and plugins appear locally, but the content is all missing. The themes and plugins are stored in the same wp-content files on my computer as the rest of the content, so it’s clearly pulling from the correct file path, but I don’t know why it won’t display the pages, posts, users, etc.

    I suspect this might have to do with the database. It’s very large (500+ MB), so I had to source it through MySQL. But it was originally missing important tables (like wp_posts, wp_users, etc.). At this point, it has those, but, going into those tables through phpMyAdmin, it looks like those tables are mostly (but not entirely) WordPress default versions.

    So, my big question is how do I make the content from the live site files appear in the local WordPress dashboard (and display at localhost:8888)? I suspect within that, my question is also how do I make sure each table in the database is exactly as it is for the live site?

    This is the first time I’ve tried something like this, and I’ve really been hashing away at this for a while. I keep making progress, but I can’t quite make this work. Any help is appreciated! Thanks!

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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