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  • A blog about robotics, science, and technology!

    That would your focus surely? Innovations and improvements in robots, in science and, er technology. Think about your own focus – is there a field or set of fields you’re looking at or a very vague, general overview, in which case material is available abundantly. Are we talking industrial robots, experimental robots, hobbies – innovations in medical science, chemistry, physics, theoretical science – computer technology, consumer technology, industrial technology, medical technology and so on.

    There’s so much – but whether you want to cover, or have time to cover, so much is another question.

    Ok! Thanks for the input! Do you think it is ok for me to put personal stuff too?

    Hmmm it’s your site, it’s your choice – if by personal stuff you mean like a blog, then certainly you could though maybe stick that in the tag line too? Again a personal choie so don’t quote me on that!

    deliver the content that your site says it will deliver and the rest wil take care of itself. you could perhaps give a personal take on certain technologies, if you’re a man of science and technology – but really it’s your site, make it as much your own rather than doing what 1001 other sites might do – or do it better than they do 😉

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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