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[Resolved] Content Editor Problems

  • So the most annoying thing I find about wordpress has to be the content editor. Where you basically enter any page content or post content. It seems like managing content in here for some reason is very difficult. Pretty much the one thing that I seem to be hooked on is trying to create two separate paragraphs for the purpose of maintaining some space between them without using a bunch of br tags. So this is how I format them:

      <p>more content</p>

    Looking in my “Visual” mode it retains all of the changes, that is, until I save. After I save this out wordpress formats the two paragraphs like this:
    <p>contentmore content</p>

    For some reason It likes to combine tags. I have even tried manually inserting these paragraphs in code view and have even downloaded the tinyMCE WYSIWYG powerhouse editor and nothing seems to help.

    So I guess my question is how do I go about getting some more control in this editor? How come wordpress combines these tags like this? Is there some type of plugin that is going to give me more control in solving situations like this?


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  • Pretty much trying to insert any content this happens as well. The auto-collapsing of tags.

    When it comes to placing any type of code into the code editor, wordpress should retain the changes. It should not matter what I put in there, It should not strip out anything automatically.

    Maybe this is some feature that I am not picking up on. All I know is formatting any type of information is impossible. I feel like a moron not being able to format text correctly but being able to customize the rest of the wordpress build. Maybe I am doing something wrong, I hope so.

    Im really in need for some help on this situation. Please, anyone, save me from myself.

    edit: doing some more research, it seems when you manually insert them into code view they will display them in the view. although after you save, they will not display in code mode. the kicker about the whole situation is that the changes will actually retain to the content. so what i am saying is that you will still have your p tags on your content but you will not be able to see them when editing.

    Based on what has been posted related to this issue it seems to be the Visual editor. In many posts they say it should be turned off permanently if you want to use HTML code in your posts.
    Did you try that?


    Yes I have tried manually inserting tags using both sides of the editor. It seems that the problem is found when using Safari 3.1. I dont have similar issues using Firefox 3.0b4


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