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    Great plugin and thanks for making it.

    After creating the About page I added content and selected the radio button ‘Display it’. After reloading the About page several times, none of the content comes up. I’ve checked the source code to see it it’s a css issue, and it’s not. I went back and double check the publishing and it’s published. Don’t know what to do next.

    Please help. Any assistance will be well appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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  • Plugin Author Slava Abakumov


    When editing the page About in group admin area – do you see its content?
    The same question when you edit that page in WP Admin area.

    The content shows up in the wp-admin area, but not on the About us page (in the group).

    Plugin Author Slava Abakumov


    I can’t replicate this bug…


    After you told me that you couldn’t replicate the bug, I figured it must be something that I was doing wrong…and it was. I really didn’t know how to use the plugin. After I tinkered with it for a while, it worked perfectly.

    It is so awesome

    If you would like me to, I can create a mini-manual with step-by-step instructions on how to create and display fields and pages.

    This would really help to take any guesswork out of such a great plugin.

    By the way
    Is there any way to edit the code so that only the super admin can see the buttons (add page, add field)and all other configs? Dont want users messing things up.

    One more thing….what do I do with the language file after I edit it ? Do I rename it, put it in the wp-language folder?

    Plugin Author Slava Abakumov



    That would be really awesome if you could create such tutorial!

    “Only admin” – this option is already created, not yet released (will be in v3.5 of a plugin).

    Lang file – put it in the /langs/ folder of a plugin, preserve the filename as other translations have there.

    I made the tutorial very very detailed….Modify as necessary
    In this tutorial, we will be creating two new pages that will show up on the buddypress group menus:
    -Group Info
    -Group News

    [1]After the plugin is installed and activated, go the wp admin panel and click Settings > BP Group Extras
    [2]If you do not have a buddypress group, create one.

    Step 1
    On the BP Group Extras settings page (in wp-admin), you will see a list of all your groups. Click the check box next to the group you want to add these two new pages to and click save.

    Step 2
    Note: Under “Set of Fields” you can create fields that will be available (by default) to add to your pages.

    For this tutorial, I will create two sets of data, [1] Group Info and [2] Group News

    ***Skip to step 3 if you don’t want default fields.

    2. a
    Click “Create the Sets of Fields”
    Name: Group Owner
    Description: you can leave this blank
    Click the “Show Fields” button to the right. The Contact info field set will expand.
    Click “Add field”
    Field Title: Name
    Field Type: Text
    Field Description: name of group owner.
    Click “Add field”
    Field Title: email
    Field Type: Text
    Field Description: you can leave blank for now.
    Click “Add field”
    Field Title: Phone
    Field Type: Text
    Field Description: you can leave blank for now.
    Repeat 2.a
    Name: Events info
    Description: you can leave this blank
    Repeat 2.b
    Field Title: Event Title
    Field Type: Text
    Field Description: you can leave blank for now.
    Field Title: Event Date
    Field Type: Text
    Field Description: you can leave blank for now.
    Field Title: Tickets Cost
    Field Type: Text
    Field Description: you can leave blank for now.

    Step 3
    Navigate to the buddypress group that you want to add these pages & click admin > extras.

    Note: You must be the wordpress admin or buddypress group admin to make these changes to the buddypress group.

    Click “Add Page” on the group extras navigation to create your pages.

    1st page: The Group Info page
    -Page Title : Group Info
    -Page Slug: group-info
    -Page Content : This is the Group Info page

    Repeat the process to add the 2nd and 3rd page
    2nd: The Group News page
    -Page Title : Group News
    -Page Slug: group –news
    -Page Content : This is the Group News page

    Important: This page will display the link/tab to the events Info and all other page you may want to create.
    3rd: The More Stuff page
    Page Title : More Stuff
    Page Slug: more-stuff
    Page Content : This will be the link to all my other pages

    Step 4
    Click on the “All Fields” button on the group extras navigation.

    Click on the drop down menu and select “Group Owner”, then click the import button.

    Now select “Events info” and click the import button to import those fields as well.

    *Note: You can drag and drop fields. The order in which they are listed here, is the order in which they will appear on the page.

    IMPORTANT Click the “Edit Field” button.
    Under “Should this field be displayed for public on “Group Info” page?” select “Display it” & save changes.
    >>>>For this tutorial, repeat this step for all fields.

    Step 5
    Click on the “General” button on the group extras navigation.

    Please specify the page name, where all fields will be displayed
    Enter: Group Info
    Please specify the page name, where all custom pages will be displayed>>
    Enter: More Stuff
    Click “Save Changes”

    On the same page, enter/modify the following:
    Do you want to make ” Group Info ” page public? Everyone will see this page. >> Show it
    Please choose the layout for ” Group Info ” page >> Plain (field title and its data below)

    Now Reorder the menu so that the last three items are:
    -Group Info
    -More Stuff

    Step 6
    Click on the buddypress “Details” sub nav menu item on your buddypress group navigation. This menu item will always appear under the admin menu.

    By selecting “Display it” in step 4.b, the fields will show up here, on the details page.

    >>>>For this tutorial, enter this info for the following fields below.
    Name : Johnny Appleseed
    Email : info@ Johnny Appleseed
    Phone: 723-444-3242
    Event Title: Music Fest 2014
    Event Date: 2/3/2014
    Tickets Cost : $10

    Click Save Changes

    Last Step
    Refresh your page and you should see the Group Info & More Stuff in your buddypress main nav.

    Click on “more stuff” and you will see the the Events Info page.

    When do you think you will release v3.5 of the plugin? Can’t wait. Thanks again!

    Plugin Author Slava Abakumov


    Thanks for the tut! I think I will include it in the plugin admin area on a separate tab.

    v3.5 should be released this week. I’m trying to stop developing and tag the current version.

    Plugin Author Slava Abakumov


    It will be included into BPGE v3.5.2, that will be released today.
    Already inserted there on a separate tab on plugin admin area.



    Just upgraded. The new admin panel is sweeet!.

    One little hiccup though…happened after upgrading.
    As a regular user who has joined the group, I cant see the ‘About Us’ page.This page should be public at all times. In the wp admin panel >> groups pages, it’s published + public.

    Is there a quick-fix I can apply to get this back working again?

    You nailed it for the ‘Site admin only’ permissions. Only site admin can see the extras tab on the group admin bar (This is great).

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