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  • Every time I save a page the entire content from the page gets deleted instead of saving the change. HEEEELLLLPPPPP. No error message or anything. I hit update and the entire page goes blank as the content disappears.

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  • Deactivate all plugins and see what happens.

    I have this problem as well, and deleting plugins doesn’t fix it. Nor does changing the Page template or my site’s theme.

    The problem always occurs after I add a 14th image to my page. 13 images are ok… 14 erasing all the content.

    Did anyone ever figure this one out?? It’s horribly frustrating!

    I have the same pb as well whn adding pix to a page and saving, it is frustrating, this might be a bug…

    when i add images to a page and update, everything disappears. i notice these posts are from several months ago. Is there a fix?

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    Really, deactivate them and try again.

    I had this happen to me after upgrading to 2.8, turned out to be a plugin including its own javascript that was messing with me. Updated the plugin and it worked again.

    I am getting the SAME exact problem! I am trying to ad additional content to a page and when I save it just disappears! I am about to lose my mind! Is there a solution to this?

    same here.. check your content revision section your post is going there! each time i save i most restore the content to send it to my blog ;s

    Do you have visitors ratings dislike/like plugin on your site? I just had the same problem with one of my sites and that was the issue. i would recommend you look at all of your visitor interaction plugins such as comment rating, post ratings etc..the issue is likely in that department. Even when deactivated some plugin’s still operate via your cookies and affects how you view the site. Make a test entry afterwards and ask a friend to check it out for you.

    I have had this problem happen on a fresh install with absolutely no plugins at all. It’s definitely not restricted to any plugins.

    my issue was a plugin named : Twitter Poster



    I’ve followed many of the solutions proposed around the web for this issue. None have worked for me. WordPress is of no help. They still haven’t provided a fix for this inexcusable bug in the latest version of WordPress. And if you write them, they will refuse even to point you to the answer (if it exists) on grounds you are not hosted at WordPress, as if that makes any difference.

    So the best solution I have found is: use Windows Live Writer. Since I started using it, all of my posting problems have gone away (and it has a lot more features than any WordPress plug-in anyway).

    After trying to add a few images to an existing WordPress page, I ran into the same issue. The page content disappears as soon as the page is saved. This is a pretty annoying bug – thang God that previous revisions are stored so that I at least can revert back while trying to come up with a solution.

    I wanted to add java script to my blog just once and the WORDPRESS DISAPPEARING ACT happens when I go to save the script. I read the WORDPRESS HELP PAGE on this topic followed their instructions and it didn’t help. HELP!

    Same thing happens when I try and add Google Analytics!

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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