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    I have been playing with my css and inadvertently overwritten my backup css file in the process.

    The problem is that my content is now wrapping around the end of the menu and using the whole width of the page.

    If anyone has the inclination to have a look or perhaps come across this problem themselves, could you point me in the right direction to fix it.

    Thanks for any help 🙂

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  • Other than the fact that your web site has a www in front of it so the link above comes up “page not found”, it looks like you have fixed your css problem.

    I had a lot of problems with graphics, too, not understanding that when you provide a width and height to them, and they exceed the width of the window, the page will stay wide and not shift with the window’s size.

    For instance, if you have a side bar like FAVORITES open in your browser’s window, and you move its width to shrink your viewing window, the moment that the three photographs featuring the Arguments Yard hit the “wall” of the window, the bottom scroll bar appears and your page’s width spreads off the side of the screen. Watch for really wide graphics and photographs.

    I also see you want to add music to your site. It’s nice if it is a “if you want it, push this button” but if it comes up when you visit the page automatically without a big flashing button that says “TURN THE DAMN THING OFF”, people might hunt you down and beat you to within a millimeter of your life. Just a little advice. Most Internet users HATE music that is forced upon them. Those who listen to music while they surf are even more offended to have their music interrupted or “layered” with website music. A big no no.

    Anyway, lovely site and some great CSS features. Make sure you triple backup files!

    PS: I also noticed that you have the http://shadows…. in your meta tags (source code) without the www in front. That will also come up page not found.

    The links work for me. No www needed. I do agree about the music though. And the site looks like it’s working fine

    Thanks for your interesting comments Lorelle.

    I view the site through FF and occasionally IE and I have no issue with the wide images making the horizontal scroll issue happen. It simply shows less of the picture when viewed in a lesser resolution [well for me anyway]

    I totally agree with the music suggestion and would never place music on a site that automatically starts. I am looking more at highlighting some music and simply want to give people an opportunity to hear it.

    And www? I have never used it and again it is not an issue for me at all. I am surprised that you mention it really, as I have had any comments about this before.

    Anyway – thanks for the suggestions. And the css problem. maybe it is a cache thing because I still see the content wrapping.

    To force a fresh “reload” of your screen, and blow out the cache, hold down the CONTROL key and click on the REFRESH button on your screen. It works in MSIE and should on others.

    I tried your site address four times without the www and it came up page not found. Don’t know. I use a lot of addresses without it.

    But do realize, choosing the traditional method, people are going to use it if they try to remember your website address. Some things change fast while others drag on forever.

    When putting together my site totally designed with CSS and no tables, I did a huge series of tests to see what a page would look like under as many different situations as possible. Remember, Internet browsers come in all shapes and forms and not everyone “sees” your page like you do, browser or not.

    I posted the results on my site to with helpful links to help you see the results yourself on your own site. This might help you or at least inspire you.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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