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    remove the clearer div from your index.php

    No clearer div in index.php :S


    There *is* a div id=”clearer”. I don’t know if removing it works, but it is there, just above the footer div.



    it may be in one of the other files, however.

    I bet it’s in your footer template, look there.

    I wouldnt follow the advice given so far. If you take out the clearer your layout will bork. Your setup looks fine and just needs one minor adjustment. Set the bg color to white in your #rap or equivalent.

    @karel: I found the clearer div in footer.php Removing it made my layout ‘bork’, like Root said.

    Could it be some coding I’ve messed up in one of the .php files of the theme?

    Edit: Background problem solved!

    Now the right border won’t stretch to the bottom 🙁

    Well, everything looks alright now!

    Not really, look closely at the left edge of the sidebar. No (solid 1px #232323) border there- I’ve removed it because it wasn’t stretching all the way to the bottom.

    I don’t know if this is on purpose or not, but right now the whole site is b0rked. There are missing end-tags, you’re using ID names multiple times, and it’s impossible to read black text against that background graphic – I’m assuming that your content background is a light colour? It doesn’t show up, so I don’t know 🙁

    Yup, was on purpose and seems to be displaying now. Still loaded with validation errors though. Rohitkumar, check and (friendly suggestion) get rid of them errors 🙂

    I found only one error :S The other 5 are just warnings that suggest I add a generic font family.

    The errors that remain on your site involve the use of an ID reference. You can only have one ID per unique use on a web page, but you can have dozens of the same CLASS. For instance, your header has the ID of header and it only appears once. The styles that are related to it will appear there. But a class is an equal opportunity free for all style reference. So change your repeating ID from ID to CLASS and your problem is solved.

    In the style sheet, make sure they are also changed. An ID is identified by a #header and a class is identified by a period such as .post.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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