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  • The evolve theme has a fairly limited set of what they call “content boxes” that you can opt to display on a page. You can see the test site I’m working on at to see what I’m talking about.
    I like that it has a picture at the top, then some text, then a link.
    The problems I have are:

    • I don’t want to use the evolve theme, I just want this feature in a plugin.
    • This will only let us use a certain icon set — I want to use any graphic.
    • While this is responsive in the sense that it will drop from 3 to 1 column if the screen is narrower, I’d prefer something more like a gallery layout, where I can specify the width of the boxes and it’ll put as many on a row as will fit, then wrap to the next row. Like a table only with a responsive number of columns.Like a photo gallery but with more than just a picture; in particular, links to things other than the full-sized picture.
    • I’d like to have more than one link button, preferably all on one line.

    An additional requirement is that it be very easy to use. No shortcodes if possible, and if it can all be done from the editor, that would be the greatest — though having a separate screen where you describe your gallery/content box/whatever and then a BRIEF, OBVIOUS shortcode to insert it, would also be okay.
    I’ve been trying various plugins, and the closest I’ve come is to use the “f(x) editor” and define three equal columns, a box in each column, then I can put whatever I want in the boxes, including buttons side by side. That’s a pretty slick plugin and it’s easy to do, but I can only do three across and it won’t drop to two, only to one column, and if I want to delete one or move them around, it’s a pain.
    Really all I need are some “div”s with display:inline-block and a specified width, something like that, but I need a way to manage their contents. The people who will maintain the sites I’m planning are not tech-savvy and they fear working with HTML.

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  • Hi, I’m the author of f(x) Editor. Thank you for your kind words.

    I think what you are looking is a “page builder”. there are several out there, and some of them are free, some commercial.

    you can try “Page Builder by Site Origin” or “Beaver Builder“.

    I don’t really use “page builder” but i did try “Site origin’s Page Builder” and it uses widgets in content with columns etc.

    It’s pretty neat.

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