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  • Hi everyone,

    I’m new to WP, and have discovered the many wonderful plugins available for the platform.

    One thing that I can’t seem to find is a plug-in to restrict the “public” view of posts to a given time window.

    What I’d like to do is make content available first to “premium” users (i.e. those paying a subscription fee!), then release into the public domain after a few days of delay (configurable). After a while, the post would enter the Archives, and would then be available only to subscribers after a configurable number of days.

    I think the answer is to have a plug-in with an Options screen to configure:

    Auto-hide Post Options
    [X] Enable Auto-hide by default on new posts
    [X] Always keep excerpt available
    Make posts available after [ ] days
    Make posts hidden after [ ] days

    It might also be nice to be able to “switch off” or modify auto-expiry on a post-by-post basis using the same fields on the actual post form to override the “default” behavior.

    The “Always keep excerpt available” checkbox makes sure that non-paying users get a “teaser” of the content in the archives (again, this can be switched off on a post-by-post basis).

    I guess the next question becomes “how do I set up a paid subscription area for my WP blog?”. Ideally, I would like to set up a system where users can pay a subscription fee and the system would automatically administer and/or restrict their access.

    Does anyone know if such a thing is possible with one or more current plug-ins, hacks, 3rd-party services or other means?

    If not, is anyone interested in developing this functionality for me? I am willing to pay a small amount if that adds any incentive…

    Many thanks,

    WP blog coming soon to

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