• I reported this issue 8 months ago, and it still remains unresolved. I even told the developers the exact code line fix. The problem is that this plugin contains reset CSS styles on global elements like list items, etc. THIS PLUGIN WILL MESS UP YOUR THEME! Don’t waste your time on a plugin where the developers don’t fix reported issues, or seem to have a grasp on CSS.

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  • I noticed the same problem. I don’t want to give a bad review yet because I think this can be solved, and besides that, the plugin is good. But I do hope there is a fix for this soon and I am waiting for it.

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    @erickpaulino I’m only leaving a bad review because I reported the issue to them 8 months ago. I even provided them the fix! I told them which CSS file was problematic, and which lines needed to be removed. While the problem is indeed fixable, but they never bothered to fix, despite releasing new updates since then….which is why I’m leaving a review.

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