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  • Ok, so I’ve figured out the problem I’m having here:

    I have the background color in #body set to the lime green.

    This is making the background area in the featured pages section and the text section of the homepage (and the text section of all other pages) green, which is what I want.

    However, I do not want the green to appear in the container areas outside of the fixed width of 1170 pixels. I would like this “container” area to ideally be:

    1) Three different colors — white on the outside of the header area, green in the middle, and orange in the footer.
    2) Failing that, a different color altogether (such as white or gray.)

    But I just can’t figure out how to do that. I need to know either:

    1) Is there a div class for the rendered text and featured pages sections that I could modify the background color on using CSS? or
    2) Is there a CSS class that I could modify for everything outside the body?

    Is the only way to do this to create images of the colors I want and have them on repeat in the background?

    Someone must know the answer to this. But I don’t. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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  • For example, if I add the code:

    .container {
    background-color: white;

    Then most of the areas I want to change are affected, but it also wipes out the orange coloring in the footer container. So what would be the right code to enter for the container of the featured pages and the main text area?

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