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  • [i have no idea where to post this]

    So i’m currently on an internship at a small design compny.
    The company is build up from internship-ers(?) taking jobs(?) from people who want/need websites/logo’s ect.
    So the knowledge of each intern varies.i my self do have a share of coding knowledge,but i’m not a php/java guru and never made a plugin.

    I got asked to find and figure out a plugin(s) that would let us do this:
    [the goal is to have a projects database with contacts and attachments]
    Possibility to add contacts and be able to update them.
    Add the project description/form to it.
    and be able to attach attachments to it.

    We are trying to digitalize our projects and the clients information.

    kinde like this:

    -Contact information
    -who is working on the project(we are interns,so the database needs to be editable)
    -Project description
    -progress of project
    -attachments(tender/offer?file,invoice file,images and other related files)

    is there a plugin or plugins that can do this?
    I have googled,but using the term “contacts” only gets me forms.

    any lead or help is welkome

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