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  • Does anyone have an idea on why none of the contact us custom forms, contact form 7 etc. work with Network Solutions as a host?

    What do i need to change at Network Solutions for this to work? I have tried the custom forms plugin and used both the wordpress mail and smtp features with no luck. I tried 2 other contact us form plugins and neither would work.

    Everything says successful, but the email just doesnt come through.

    Im not even sure what I need to ask through support at network solutions or what this could be related to.

    All of these form plugins work great at the site i host on my own server. That is why I know it must be a network solutions database or host setting that needs to be changed, i simply do not know which one.

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    If you set the recipient to an email address on a non-NetSol email such as Gmail, do the messages go through?

    Regardless, I would definitely ask Network Solutions for support on this, and explain the problem just as you did here. I have one client with NS as a host and they do have some very strange technical requirements for certain WordPress things, so it’s well worth asking directly.

    No, they do not go through with any email used unfortunately. 🙁 I’ve tried a few different ones on different servers and such unrelated to network solutions.

    I opened a support ticket at network solutions to see what they say about it.

    Thank you for replying and the information. I appreciate it. Ill report back here if i get a reply from them in case anyone else runs in to the same problem.

    I got through to network solutions and this is some sort of way to get you to pay for support. They replied by telling me to open a support ticket, which I did, then stated that I could buy their 99 dollar mytime support package to fix this within that support ticket. All a waste of time carefully explaining the problem.

    When we all know, this is probably the un-checking of a box regarding form mailing permissions of some sort which isn’t guaranteed to work anyway.

    I will have to come up with some sort of way to get this working on my own if this is possible.

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    That is absurd. You could try contacting them via Twitter:

    Also may be time to look for another host.

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    Another resource – an article from NetSol where they actually mention forms & WordPress, so don’t let them tell you it isn’t possible on their hosting:

    They also have their own support forums:

    Good luck!

    Thanks zoonini Ill look in to this and appreciate you taking the time to reply to me. I actually started by placing a post in the network solutions forum and the forum admin is the one who requested I start the support ticket request. Which of course makes me think that they know things like this happen all the time and want you to buy that darn support package for something simple.

    I will see what your other resources say and see if there is anything I can do on my end. I wouldnt be surprised if they simply blocked it all out so I was not able to fix this without. 🙁

    Hello, goblue7!

    I had same problem with Network Solutions & contact form 7 (also I tryed cforms II) and that how I managed to solve it.
    I installed a wp-mail-from plugin in my WP and than create an email account “” in my NetSol panel. After this I add this mail address into wp mail form field and here we go – its starts send the emails.

    Hope it’s helps. Excuses for my English

    FYI – I just setup a new client and they wanted to use netsol hosting. I was getting green confirmations from the get-go, but not receiving any. I tried the SMTP plugins to no avail.

    Just have to change your “FROM” to an e-mail that is hosted with your netsol account (so you can’t have it from the user’s supplied info) and bingo!

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