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  • Hi, I just started using your theme today, its very good, actually one of the best free theme.
    I am having a challenge with contact page, its not showing both in home page and in he contact page. how do I fix it?

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  • Hi,

    You should create contact page template. Maybe this screenshot gives you an idea: click

    I created contact page template.

    Did you look at the theme documentation ?

    I deleted it and recreated it, and its showing now. But it doesn’t have a header image and like other pages. How do I fix that.
    How do I make all page except blog page to be full width?

    Did you watch my tutorial :

    Hi, Im having issues with contact form too. I have watched your video and done all it says (created contact page, indicated contact as template for the page etc)but contact is still not showing on the home page?

    Neither are the blog posts. The only thing is showing is white and the title “Blog”. The title “Contact” is not showing.

    Any suggestions what might be happening??

    (Great theme BTW!)

    Hi, Could you send me login information through my email ?

    I replied through email. aine didn’t create contact page template.

    Thanks Burak. I am sure I created the contact page using contact template in fact two of them! But in my eagerness to fix the issue yesterday I may have deleted the pages then trashed them. Never mind. Thx so much for fixing.

    With the sidebar issue can you tell me what i was doing wrong?

    Really appreciate your help.


    Hello, I am kinda facing a similar problem. When you load the CONTACT Page separately, it doesn’t have a menu or header on top like the other pages. There is no way to go to any other pages from the CONTACT page.

    Help, Thank you 🙂

    aine, I don’t know what sidebar issue is. Could you tell me?

    mazenhalabi, I’ll fix it and upload the new version. maybe tomorrow.

    If you click on for example: Blog
    It takes you to the Blog page.
    The Blog page has the following:
    1) Header Graphic
    2) Navigation section in the top header area.

    If you click on: Contact
    It takes you to the stand alone contact page.
    – The Contact page does not have a header section or a header navigation.
    – It also will not load ( stays blank) until you scroll down a bit.

    The Contact page ( not the contact section on the static home page) needs to have a header graphic area and a top navigation menu just like the other pages. it also needs to load.Theres a bug preventing it from loading unless you scroll down.

    I hope that makes sense. Your theme is great just need to fix these small things.
    Thank you sooo much.

    mazenhalabi, i uploaded new version to repository and i fixed the contact page issue. You can download it here:

    burakkaptan: aine, I don’t know what sidebar issue is. Could you tell me?

    When you activate a widget under Appearance > Widgets > Blog sidebar the widget appears on not just the blog pgs but across ALL other website pages as well. That is, across to pages with “default template” selected in the Page Attributes field.

    It is as if the website is reading that ALL pgs on site are actually blog pages and as a consequence reveal a sidebar to the right of the page.

    How can I ensure that default template selected pgs are not drawing off the blog template pg?

    Am I missing something here?



    Thank you! Great job! Works perfectly.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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