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  • I noticed yesterday that the contact forms I had in my websites have stopped sending me the submitted form information.
    I was using cformsII.
    The only changes that I have made are upgrading to WP2.7 and PHP5.
    I have uninstalled and deactivated cformsII, and upgraded to version 10.3 which is supposed to be compatible with both 2.7 and 5. No luck.
    I have also now attempted to use WP Contact Form version 3.1.8, also no luck.
    I called Godaddy (stop the boos, please) to see if they had any known issues with the PHP upgrade and they said no. Their default settings should work with form mailers.

    So, I’m now stuck with what appear to be working contact forms, but they never send me the email.
    Thoughts? Any contact forms guaranteed to work with 2.7 and php5?
    Thanks in advance.

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  • I am having the same trouble. Did you ever find an swer to this ?

    I have been able to utilize the SMTP mail settings with Cform to get it to work, but it takes 20 minutes for the content to be sent and I’m still uncomfortable with why the php mail utilization would suddenly stop working. Makes me think there is a bigger issue, so I am still soliciting opinion and help.
    In the meantime….
    If you are using cformsII, go to “global settings” and check the box for using an SMTP settings.
    Set the server address to “” (I assume you are on Godaddy as well)
    Use “no” for “secure connection”.
    Use port 25.
    Leave the username and password for authentication blank.
    Back on “form settings” and “core email options” make sure the “from” email address is an address created and used by Godaddy..not a hotmail, gmail, yahoo account etc. The admin address can remain as such, however.

    That lets it work for me, but as I said, I would still rather have the original way work as it is faster and I believe less prone to “weirdness”.

    FYI to anyone who wishes to help… I have verified the paths in abspath.php and cforms.js. I have tested the php mailer function by utilizing a generic form using gdform.php and it works. I just don’t know what else to do or what settings to test. This has always worked as a default installation so now I’m at a loss of what would need to be changed. Anyone who can walk me through this would have me in their debt.

    Would love an answer on this. Mine were working fine until the DNS records were changed (from development to live server). I fixed the necessary paths and it now sends the email to me, but doesn’t send the email to the enquirer.

    Has anyone found a solution to this yet?

    I have tried MULTIPLE contact us form on my wordpress site, and none of them work.

    When someone fills out the forms and hits send, it shows an error explaining that they need to contact the operator another way, and it never sends me the email.

    I’m all ears.

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