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  • Hi everybody,

    I’m a non-technical WordPress newbie – so this is the first of what promises to be a number of naive questions…

    On my website I would like to place a contact form where a visitor can enter their name and email address (and, if I later decide, a couple of other details – like their city name).

    Having pressed ‘Send’ they should quickly receive an e-mail with a pdf attachment (the attachment is a free e-book I’m producing).

    Later, I might want to send them other free material (as attachments) so it’s important I have access to their initial sign-up details.


    1. Is there a plug-in that handles this kind of thing? I have looked at a few that seem to do one or the other (ie accept contact information or send out information at pre-defined periods) but I’m not sure how to make them work in unison. Can I download one plug-in or do I need more than one?

    2. My website is hosted externally (by – are there any set-up actions I or they need to take in order for these plug-ins to work?

    3. If I need an email account as part of the set-up can Gmail or Yahoo cope?

    4. Where does the contact information given by the customer actually go? Is it stored somewhere? Can I gain access to it?

    Many thanks,


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