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  • Hi I am using Ryan’s Contact form in a page. When I submit the form, I recieve a success msg. Then when I check email, I don’t get any email in the address I specified in the option.

    Any help?

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  • It should be using the smtp you provided in your admin. Have you tested it to see if it’s working?

    i get emails for comment moderations/spam.

    I also get new user registration email. I have no clue what is going on with the form!

    Try another contact form plugin and see if same problem. There are several if you search the codex.
    I use WP-Contact Form without problems using smtp and php mail on differing sites.


    i tried the one u mentioned first, it did not send email. Then I switched to contact form II plugin, it’s not sending email either.

    just found that user comment is not going to my email either. is the whole mail system collapsed in my blow?

    Have you tried the php mail option? On some hosts it works better. That or contact your host to be sure what your smtp address is.

    Man, I know how you feel. I tried them all too, but got nowhere. WordPress has a contact form, but it was not working when I installed it.

    I finally tried PXS Mail and it works fine.

    It has only one file and is quite simple. See if it works for you.

    nothing works man! I am pulling my hear!! Here’re the list of things I tried,

    1. installed wp-contactform- result did not work
    2. installed wpPHPmail plugin
    3. tried again, no result.
    4. now just tried pxsmail, no luck either.

    is there anyone out there who can lead me to the right direction?

    I have the perfect solution:

    Any errors you run into, I can help you fix.

    leMaxin, thanks for your help! I don’t think that’s gonna work. I don’t know, why’s not a single one out there who can point me to the right direction. gosh! giving me links of so many versions of forms is not helping, as you can see I have already tried 3 different versions.

    This is something to do with mail sending from wordpress. can any one help?

    Why isn’t it going to work, Mhabib?

    see, I have tried 3 different versions of form. each one of them works (by saying that I mean, there’s not a single error I get), except that I don’t get any email.

    And what happened when you contacted your host? WP just uses what’s in PHP’s php.ini file for outbound mail.

    Mhabib, have you TRIED installing the Dagon design form? I also went through 4 or 5 plugins, they all take a little teaking for your server. Stop being stubborn and try the plugin I recommended. I offer to help you get it to work.

    Hi HandySolo,
    Thanks for your reply. My host is Yahoo. I contacted them, they said smtp/pop3 on my account is working. And that’s prolly true coz I get email from wordpress both using default mail handler or wpPHPmailer (i mean smtp) when I register a new user from user admin page. Although, it did not send email to the address I provided during user registration.

    Any clue?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 22 total)
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