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  • Hello Mike!

    First at all, thanks for your work… i really appreciate your plugin, and i planning to donate some money soon as possible…

    I am a student, and i make some web works using your pluggin.

    After a time (before updating the wordpress to 3.8 version) the Fast and Secure Contact Form pluggin showme this error:

    “Contact Form Shortcode Error: Invalid form number in shortcode.”

    i trying reinstalling, changing the form creating a newone, and the error comes agan and again.

    You can see the web here:

    Please tell me what is wrong…

    Thanks for your time.

    Regards from Santiago, Chile!

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  • It cannot find the form number because your shortcode is incorrect.
    Try these help pages

    Problem: The form does not display, shortcode does not work

    Hi, the problem that I am having with the short code is that I am getting the error meessage: “Contact Form Shortcode Error: Invalid form number in shortcode.” I have tried other contact forms and nothing shows on the page at all. I’ve deactivated plugins that I have activated, still nothing change. I only have one form “[si-contact-form form=’1′]” and it gives me this error.

    Can you give me another advice besides re-installing WordPress.
    And, for now can you recommend a free and good back-up program to back up my site.

    PS. I have installed WordPress from my hosting company….

    Is it possible that I may receive the script code (the long form) instead of the short code to activate the contact form into my page instead of re-installing WordPress.

    How do I go about doing this….


    I apologize for being a little mis-leading, however, some of the other contact forms I have tried: Only the short code shows up on the page instead of the form, other – nothing shows up….

    Thanks again,

    Hi @rosr, in your website how many contact forms have you created? What are the id for each contact form created?

    Make sure that the id is the correct id number for each contact form shortcode you add to your websites pages or post.

    If the above does not apply to your settings because you have already tried and tested the above avenues, then do the following.

    1. Disable all plugins and only have this plugin active.
    2. Test and make sure that the form works.
    3. If the form does not work with all plugins deactivated, then you have some other issue.
    4. While all plugins are deactivated and the form still does not work. Test one of WordPress default theme like Twenty Thirteen or so.
    5. If the above does not work then delete the plugin and reinstall it again.

    Try all of the above and see how you go.

    Kind regards

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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