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  • Hi there,

    First time posting on the forum but long time reader! I seem to be having a bit of trouble with the contact form that has come packed within the theme.

    It seems to be that when you fill in the details and then press “SUBMIT” or “SEND” as the case may be that the page simply seems to refresh and not acknowledge nor send any email in the first place.

    Naturally, I have spoken to the people who created the theme and I seem to be going from pillar to post with them and my hosting company. Today it has come to a bit of a head because of something as simple as a contact form!

    The web address if you click on the contact page and try to send a message across you should see what happens. I have tried all I can think of with this. The people who run the theme have told me it’s something to do with my $_POST which just completely threw me and left me utterly bewildered.

    Godaddy are my host so I don’t know if that’ll explain anything to anyone. I know Godaddy are not everyone favourites but they’ve been very good to me before.

    If anyone can take a look at this for me I will be incredibly grateful!
    Thanks so much in advance.


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