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  • I am using the Jetpack Contact form, and have run into a possible bug.

    I find that when I build the form with a Name field the outgoing email works. When the name field is deleted from the contact form, then the Jetpack contact module causes a mal-formed Reply To address. My host server (Bluehost) refuses to accept the email because in the Reply To field the email address is repeated as a name, i.e.:

    Reply-To: <>

    This mal-formed header address is one of several examples listed that will not be accepted by the server as seen in Bluehost KB doc # 206:

    Examples of headers that will NOT work:

    From: “”
    From: user @
    From: <>

    This double email declaration is out of compliance with RFC 2822, so this is not just a Bluehost peculiarity. That RFC states (some examples of proper format):,
    User <>

    The clue for the emails not going out was in the server error log, which shows the double declaration of the email address:

    +++ 1VPhDC-0007Av-6L has not completed +++
    2013-09-27 17:12:38 1VPhDC-0007Av-6L H=localhost ( []:4xxx5 F=<> rejected after DATA: syntax error in ‘Reply-To:’ header when scanning for sender: malformed address: <> may not follow in “ <>”

    This seems to be a bug in the Jetpack contact module, in that when the Name field is deleted from the form it just repeats the email address as the name. This presents as a problem with some email servers.

    This error is also true if the Name field is made optional, and then left blank by the site visitor.

    And as a note, the sendmail_path has these three flags set:

    -t -i -f

    Am I missing something here or is this really a bug in the Jetpack Contact form??


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Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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