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  • I’ve been using Ryan Duff’s Contact Form plugin for a while now without any problems. It is the only way of getting in touch with me through my website short of posting a comment on one of my posts.

    However, for the past week or so I’ve been bombarded by spam sent through the contact form. Most of the emails have an attachment which, of course, I have no intention of running/loading/downloading..

    Are there are any varitions to the contact form plugin that will add some level of user-checking, captchas or anything of the sort??


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  • I am also having the same problems with spam coming through my contact form. Wasn’t there supposed to be a version 2.0 of the contact form? Maybe that will address this issue.

    No, v2.0 won’t happen for a while. We’re releasing an update to v1 on Saturday to take care of this issue.

    Also, I gotta mention, I goddamn hate spammers. What a drag.

    i’ll keep an eye out for that update…i’ve been bombarded in the past week! thanks!

    I’m confused, how could an email sent through the contact form include an attachment?

    oriecat, that’s a damn good question. Majority of the spam I got was pretty much along the lines of “sdfdshfadf@<>” and nothing in the body of the email, so real useless spam. If you’re gonna spam me, at least send me some deals on software or Viagra!

    There were however a few emails that claimed to have a 1k or so attachment. I direct all of my contact form messages to my account, so perhaps it was just how Gmail was interpreting the content. I don’t know.


    Yeah, I’m getting spam as well, and I even have Bad Behavior installed. 🙁

    Eargerly awaiting the new version. 😀

    It’s Sunday now, where can we expect to see the update? On Ryan’s site or elsewhere??


    I’ve also been receiving similar spam through my contact form, starting this week. Personally I don’t care — but it looks like some of them are BCCd, and I don’t want to be implicated as a spammer.

    I’d love for v2 to include an optional feature requiring people to type a randomly-generated text string represented as an image, as is commonplace across the web these days. That, I think, would all but eliminate non-human spam, especially if the randomly-generated images are done right.

    Are there any good non-WP-Plugin contact form options that you guys could recommend that already has that functionality?

    requiring people to type a randomly-generated text string represented as an image

    There are soooo many better ways. Captchas are unaccessible, inconvenient, eyesores, and things like pwncaptcha can break most of them.

    I’m a huge fan of Bad Behavior, and my contact form is free of spam because of it.

    Firas was talking about releasing a new version of wp-contact form with some spam protection in the immediate future. Hold out for that, I’d say.

    Sorry guys, I got delayed. Expect a release tomorrow.

    For those curious, the spamming/attaching is done via injecting extra headers alongwith the ‘From’ field. It’s not done using the actual html interface, but via other agents posting to the script.

    I agree with jalenack about captchas, but v2 will be modular anyway so if you really want one that snaps into wpcf someone will probably write it.

    I’m a huge fan of Bad Behavior, and my contact form is free of spam because of it.

    I have it installed and I’m still getting contact form spam.

    Then again, I do get quite a bit of bad bots on my site:

    Bad Behavior has blocked 13827 access attempts (spammers) in the last 7 days

    Version 1.3 of WordPress Contact Form has been released. You can get it from here

    Offical post is here:

    I seem to be getting a conflict error.

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare getip() (previously declared in /home/jimw3141/public_html/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/wp-advanced-stats.php:168) in /home/jimw3141/public_html/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/wp-contactform.php on line 180

    I had the wp-advanced-stats plugins deactivated. I can’t even log out now.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    jwurster: try replacing your wp-contactform.php with this.

    Firas: That works fine. What did you do?
    Thank you, jim

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