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  • Hello, fellas!

    My contact form on Blix theme simply don’t send the messages to me… what can be hapenning?

    Thanx to all answers,

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  • Do you have all the settings correct? mail servers, login if need be etc?

    Also, what contact form are you using?

    I’m using the blix contact form included on this theme. Checkout on

    The setting I put was on Options/e-mail adress on WP. Do I have to insert the e-mail in another form?

    Is the mailserver running? It’s somewhat obvious but I forgot to check on my first install 🙂

    I’ve thinked about that. But I put my gmail account, so it’s not running server. How can I put it running?

    Yeah, man, you’re right! I have to active mailserver, even no using this account. Thanx!

    I don’t know much coding. I love the blix theme but there are 2 things that I cannot manage and I request someone to help me with.

    1 – I cannot have the comments page with comments form even though I have ticked on allow comments/ping while creating that page.

    2 – I cannot change the word ‘HOME’ to ‘KOTISIVU’ on the finnish version of the page. I just couldn’t find where that word exists in the script.

    A Billion thanks in advance

    Guys,…how do i install the contact form for blix theme? Been trying to figure out how to get the contact form working. Thanks..


    adjust the admin panel -> page options -> page template -> select the contact option

    and the form will appear

    i just got the contact form installed on my site, however the field labels are scrunched on my site. What part of the code do I need to change in the CSS or PHP?

    here’s my site,


Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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