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  1. wwfy
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Recently activated the contact form plug in from BestWebSoft (v 2.02). The form looks fine in the post, but I do not get notifications when a visitor completes the form. I have tried selecting "use email of wordpress user" (and verified the accuracy of the email assigned to that) and also tried the 2nd option of assigning a specific email address in the plug in options section. Neither seem to work. Spoke to support at Yahoo (my host company) and they could not find a solution and suggested the problem is at the WP end.
    Any insight/ideas anyone can offer will be appreciated.

  2. Yahoo has VERY special requirements for sending mail through forms on their hosting. They are the ONLY host (and I've dealt with dozens over the years for my clients) with whom I had to change some contact form settings. Call them back (or use the ticket system) and get the exact technical requirements for using forms on their system. From what I recall (it was a few years ago) it may have been something like you needed to register the email address that would be receiving the forms in the client's control panel, or something equally ridiculous.

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  3. BTW - if Yahoo tries to tell you it's a WordPress problem, tell them you know that's not the case. This has been a problem with their hosting for years, and it affects all types of email forms - not just WordPress's.

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  4. wwfy
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Thanks for your in-depth reply. I'll contact Yahoo again as you suggest.

  5. seoweb22
    Posted 5 years ago #

    I try also the contact form 7 and nothing happens, may be it's some settings that i don't understand!
    The simple way!? I make my own php form end it works just perfect!

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