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    I am losing business to your contact form. How do I get this resolved?????

    I have the form installed on my website. Yesterday, a prospective client filled out the contact form and it came to me without any “identifying” information. The from address was my “server” address. I have no way to trace this person. First, do you have a record of who fills out the contact form? Second, when someone uses the contact form where does their information go to, nothing shows up anywhere on my site and nothing shows in the raw info of the email header that I receive from the contact form. I don’t understand why you offer a contact form that does not work? It is an expensive way to find out that if someone contacts you, that you have no way of responding to them.


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  • esmi


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    Have you tried using another contact form plugin? Personally, I find to be excellent.

    Thank you Esmi. I am going to use Vcita for the future. Unfortunately, that’s not resolving my current issue that I posted.

    I need to find where the “identification”/contact information of a sender who used the jetpack contact form yesterday went…it is not on the email I received from my website.



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    I don’t think that this kind of information is stored by

    I am sorry, I don’t understand. As in, I have this jetpack plug in and use the contact form. I receive an email from the form on my website yesterday and it has no “identifying” information of the sender. As in, I have NO way to contact someone back who used this contact form on my website. And there is no way to trace this information? The email had to come from somewhere. And I would assume it is available “somewhere”.

    It was someone wanting to hire me, but sine there is no contact info, I have no idea who this person is at all!!!!!!!!!!

    And WordPress/Jetpack has no information that they would be able to look up under my site?



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    The email had to come from somewhere

    It did. It came from your site.

    And WordPress/Jetpack has no information that they would be able to look up under my site?

    No. To do so would breach all kinds of privacy laws etc.

    This is all I received along with the information requested by the sender:

    From: [email address redacted]
    Subject: [Tracy Crossley Intuitive Life Coach] Coaching
    Date: November 29, 2012 3:12:20 PM PST
    To: [email address redacted]

    And in response to what you stated, maybe we are on two different pages. I called my server company and I called another “plug in” company who seemed to believe this information was readily available.

    How can you offer a contact form, which does not forward a sender’s email address/ip address, something? And then tell me there is no way to trace it? What is the point of your contact form then?



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    And in response to what you stated, maybe we are on two different pages

    No. does not collect personal information that is being sent to you via a contact form.

    How can you offer a contact form

    You who? This forum is staffed by volunteers – not staff.

    What are you talking about?

    I wanted tech support for a plug in, not recommendations for another plug in. I am looking for Jetpack support. I am not looking for some argument about who works at WordPress. I am looking for who created Jetpack and the “obvious” glitch in their contact form.

    If you do not have the answer, instead of asking me to unsubscribe, can you refer me to a Jetpack guru of some sort? Someone?

    And the other issue is I cannot remove this contact form even though I deactivated it on the plug in. Is there someone there who knows Jetpack? Thank you.



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    It may be some time before any of the Jetpack developers answer your questions. Like everyone else here, they too are unpaid volunteers on the forums. I simply tried to save you some time by supplying you with the answers to some of your questions. If that is not what you wanted, I will gladly leave this topic.

    In the meantime, if you are looking for immediate support, you might want to consider hiring someone to look into this for you.

    Good luck. 🙂

    Thank you. I will wait to hear from a Jetpack developer.

    Well at least you’re getting emails. I’ve been told by someone that they sent me an email (for a job) and I never received it. I’ve been testing Contact Form 7 to see if it works, and I haven’t received one of my own 3 emails. I know the techies are volunteers, but this is a serious glitch for us who are running a biz and rely on WP.

    Plugin Author Jeremy Herve


    Jetpack Mechanic

    If you are using Jetpack Contact Forms on your site, all emails submitted through the contact form will be sent to your WordPress admin email address (as specified under Settings > General), or to a custom email address you specify while building the form:

    If you do not receive any emails, I would recommend that you check your Spam / Junk, as the emails might be filtered out by your email client.
    If that doesn’t help, try leaving a test comment on your site, and see if you receive any email notification about that comment: Jetpack uses WordPress’ default mail function to send out the emails, but if that function doesn’t work on your site you wont receive any email.

    In addition to this email, the Feedback is also stored in your database and available in the Feedbacks menu of your dashboard.

    If the emails are not available in this menu, you might want to deactivate all other plugins on your site, one at a time, and send test emails to find out if one of the plugins conflict with the contact form.

    @powerlinebc If you experience issues with the Contact Form 7 plugin, I would recommend that you open a new thread here:

    Thanks for your help. It has resolved my issue.

    Hi Jeremy,

    I have gone through all of these steps and I cannot seem to solve the problem.

    I have uninstalled (all) plugins, and gone with just Jetpack via auto install and via FTP, yet it still will not send an email or generate a Feedback.

    Any ideas?!

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