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  • I’ve been having a similar problem using the plugin by Ryan Duff at:


    Very often hosts set up the server that it will allow only emails sent to an address from your domain.
    Meaning, if you use a yahoo, gmail etc. email for the form, the messages will never go through.
    This one is also a very good plugin:
    and some users encountered the same problem until they changed the email address.

    It almost looks like you’ve got the form in a post rather than a page. I believe I’m using the same plugin you are; is it PXS Mail Form? The way I did it was to make a new WP page and add the {mailform} tag.

    Also, is the email address you specified able to receive email otherwise? Is this truly a problem with the form, or is it a problem with the email address?

    Yes it was in a post but even after putting it in a page it still doesn’t work. And I’m using an email address from within my domain. I’ve tested it with Outlook and it does work from there. Now what??

    Has any kind of mail form ever worked on that server? Did you get an email when you installed your WordPress there (with the greeting and user/pw)?

    No, no mail form has ever worked. Just to be clear I’m using Yahoo Small Business web hosting. (I don’t recall ever getting a greeting email either.) You suppose it’s the server?


    That sucks. I mean your host.
    No, probably no “normal” mailform will work on that host. I remember a year ago I had to modify Ryan’s plugin to make it work on Y. for a client, but I can’t find what I did. Sorry 🙁

    Oh ok, well if anyone knows how to get it to work on Yahoo please let me know!

    Can I create a page within Yahoo with their email forms but integrate it into wordpress somehow?


    You can try. If their form give you some code… the best way to go: make a Page Template (see the Codex) and put the code in there. Then create a new Page by using that template.

    I’ll try that, thanks!

    I posted my contact form on “page” and it worked for me for a month, but now it is not working. Double checked my email in user profile and in option and they were matched. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance! (I carefully follow-up similar topics, and I did not get answers that would fix my situation. I don’t mean to bug, but I need some clues. Thanks again.)

    did you try to contact your host to see if they have changed anything at the time it stopped working? Sometimes, or should I say: often? – hosts make all kind of upgrades, change settings etc. without letting us know.
    If you are 100% sure you didn’t change anything the first thing to do would be to inquire the host.

    Thanks for a reply. I contacted them, and they did not reply me. My server is Yahoo small business too. Besides I missed church sometimes, yahoo missed my prayers more often. I read Yahoo’s introduction of wordpress, it said that it wp is a free source, so yahoo would not provide any support. On exactly this statement, I assume they did not do anything in Yahoo side. Therefore, I am very pressed by this situation. I don’t mean to bug. (I hope this thread will add up some bigger picture of my siutation: ) Any comments appreciated. Thanks!

    Being hosted at Y. you really get unlucky. They have very strange setup for their servers and they have no clue about the WP. The worst mix you can have.

    Their support is non-existent but the usual fixes and remedies that work on other hosts… are useless over there. Other than getting a decent host – I don’t know what to advise. Sorry.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 20 total)
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