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contact form not sending to email

  • I have a contact form to fill out on my site. It has worked fine for many months, I have not changed anything and have checked the email for contact, it is correct. I am not getting these contacts. This is an application that has to be filled out. When I fill it out and send, I get it. No one else’s come through. I have all spam directed to my inbox and have checked on the main server they are not there either. I need to check an see why they are not coming through unless it is a WordPress problem. The website is http://www.springviewdoodles.com. it is under Puppy application I need help to get this working PLEASE!!!

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  • What plugin is that?

    Contact form 7. I sent myself another application and it came through just fine. I have not received at least 7 this week from different people. I have checked with my email server and all is fine. Nothing in spam folder, no blocks

    Okay, I tried to send in an application (it says test, a lot, so you’ll know that’s me 😉 )

    However. The form is HANGING. I get a spinny arrow circle next to the submit button.

    My husband got that today also. I have not heard that from others, when I did one yesterday, I got a message that my application was sucessfully sent. My other clients got the same message but I never received the application. I did however get mine after a delay. I’m confused how it can work for me and not for others.

    Okay, it LOOKS like if you don’t fill in all the fields, it make not work correctly.

    Are any set ‘required’?

    yes, many fields are required for sending, but there is an error message that will show up and show you what needs to be changed if that occurs. My issue is that they press send and they get a message that tells them “your application was successfully sent, thank you.” I never get it. What doesn’t make sense to me is that when I fill it out, I get it. I have missed many so far this week and several over the past few weeks. This is the lifeline of my business and I am lost without it. Thanks for working on it, I hope you and others can figure this out, I am at a total loss.

    If this helps, I am noticing that when I make changes, it takes a very long time for them to update and sometimes it times out. Could there be an issue on their server (or whatever) that is related to the timing out?

    Fiist off, NONE of the fields are MARKED as being required. So that’s poor UI. It’s not intuitive to know which fields you must fill in, so I’d mark them ASAP.

    I would test with multiple emails. Like get a gmail account and use that. It may be mail routing…

    I did not set it up, nor do I know how to mark them as required, but if someone wants to buy a puppy from me they know they have to fill in their phone and email so I don’t find that an urgent matter. The only problem with re-routing the email is the testing of it. When I send myself an application I get it. I don’t’ think the routing has to do with the circle of arrows which is processing does it? I’m not really knowledgeable about how the system works. My email works well, I receive and send contstantly, it is just getting these things from wordpress.

    I understand there was an upgrade recently, I have not upgraded on my end. could that be the issue? As I stated earlier, when I make changes and press update, it takes a very long time to process and many times I get an error and lose the page completely with a time out. Any thoughts?

    I’m setting up a gmail acct. now and will change the routing. I’m still worried this won’t work, but I’m willing to try anything. I’ll let you know! Thanks

    OK, I set up a gmail acct. and tested the application, I never received it. I did send my new email acct. a test message from my old email and I did receive that. so, it is the internal routing right?

    My hubby tried to send another, just gets the circle arrows that doesn’t stop. Never sent never received

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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